Gold Bracelet for Students

Gold Bracelet for Students from Tüdemsaş: A “School Industry Cooperation” protocol was signed between TÜDEMSAŞ General Directorate and Sivas Provincial Directorate of National Education under the leadership of Sivas Governorship.
Within the framework of the protocol realized in Sivas Governorship Building meeting hall, the students attending the formal education at the Central Sivas Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School and the Central Atatürk Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School succeeded at the end of the exams after the 80 hour Theoretical and Practical training at the Resource Training Center and Quality Control Laboratories within the body of TÜDEMSAŞ. According to the TS EN ISO 9606 which has international validity, students will be awarded a Certificate of Welding.
"School-Industry Cooperation" Speaking at the signing ceremony of the protocol Sivas Governor David Rose, noting that TÜDEMSAŞ Sivas is a very important value, and underlined that Turkey's National Indigenous Organization.
Governor Gül said, “Our Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım had a role assigned to TÜDEMSAŞ. To produce domestic and national freight wagons, Tüdemsaş continues to work in this direction.
The purpose of this project is to train intermediate trainers in the industry of freight wagon manufacturing and welded manufacturing. Our students will receive all the technical information about the resource by expert trainers at TUDEMSAS Resource Training Center. I would like to thank Tüdemsaş General Manager and Provincial Director of National Education who brought this project to the agenda. " said.
Sivas Provincial Director of National Education, Mustafa Altınsoy, in his speech, thanked Tüdemsaş General Directorate for opening its facilities for students. Altınsoy said, “After the 80-hour course, our students will be given a Welder certificate with international validity. I hope that this study will contribute to Sivas and the country's economy, and thank those who contributed once again.
The General Manager of TÜDEMSAŞ, Yıldıray Koçarslan, gives us continuous support in the projects we offer and strengthens our work for our new projects. We are continuing our efforts to turn Sivas into a Wagon Production Center by taking advantage of TÜDEMSAŞ's experience and know-how.
One of our objectives in this project is our company TÜDEMSAŞ, Sivas 2. Our aim is to gain qualified work force as a welder for the Wagon Manufacturing Industry and other manufacturing sectors which are being formed in our Organized Industrial Zone. Our main target is to make Turkey's Sivas Freight Wagon production center, Cargo Wagon qualified workforce of our company is to provide investors participating in the industry to benefit from their experience and capabilities.
In our Resource Training Center, the staff of TCDD, including our Company personnel, to the prisoners under supervision within the scope of Social Support Project (SODES), 3. A source welder was given to the personnel of the company and about 10 1000 certified welders were trained. şahıs
At the end of the program, İşbirliği School Industry Cooperation ”protocol signature ceremony was held.

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