Train tracks on bus stops

Bus stops on the train rail: Application from Izmir Metropolitan, like the Black Sea joke… Surprise those who see the stops on the rails on the tram line, which occupies the agenda with endless route changes.
In Izmir, the routes of the Metropolitan Municipality, whose routes have been changed for a total of 15 times and that are the subject of jokes, are Karşıyaka The Tramways Project is now on the agenda with bus stops mounted on the rails… City bus stops, which were removed during the rail laying works on Yalı Caddesi, were reassembled. Bus stops on the train rails brought to mind the Black Sea jokes. Citizens who want to get on the bus can hardly reach the stops on the rail. With the ceremony, in which President Kocaoğlu also attended, the first digging was hit in 2015, with the start of the manufacturing, the faults began to emerge.
In about 1 year, a total of 15 revisions were made on the tram routes. When one of the arrival and departure lines of Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard, which was given by the land in Konak, was taken to the sea side of the road, the efforts of 3 million Turkish liras shore was wasted. The landscape arrangement in the Alsancak Viaducts was similarly a victim of a route change. Egeli Sabah brought the damages caused by the unplanned, unprogrammed and ongoing project to the public agenda. This time, again, an application was made in the tram project that will be the subject of jokes. Karşıyaka The Metropolitan Municipality, which lays a tram line to the sea side of Yalı Caddesi, remained on the rail route during these works. Karşıyaka Wedding Palace, Sailing Club, Dolphins and Yalı stops. After the rails were laid, the stops started to serve as open stops. However, citizens waiting for the bus from the rain in the winter in the summer, the negative impact on the sun brought complaints. Upon the reactions of the citizens, ESHOT General Directorate found the remedy to reassemble the closed stops on the tram rails. This application Karşıyaka It caused the emergence of tragicomic views in Yali Street. Within the scope of the arrangement, the rails were filled with paving stones so that the citizens who were waiting for a bus at the bus stop at the feet. Thus, the elevation difference between the rails and the ground was eliminated. However, those who had to reach the stops from the sections where paving stones were not laid had a security problem. Stating that the Metropolitan Municipality was acting sloppy, the citizens said, “They came and mounted the bus stops on the rails they had laid before. Tomorrow the next day, when the construction is over and the tram starts to work, they will have to come back and remove these stops and move them to another place. Many engineers work in the Metropolitan Municipality. None of them see this manufacture? ” he rebelled.



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