Approval from the High Council of Monuments of Kastamonu Municipality

Approval from the High Council of Monuments in Kastamonu Municipality's Teleferic Project: It approved the Teleferic project planned by Kastamonu Municipality to implement the High Council of Monuments.

Ankara No. 1 Cultural Heritage Preservation Regional Board approved the implementation of Mayor Tahsin Babaş's Cable Car Project, which is called the crazy project by the public. Ankara No. 25 Cultural Heritage Preservation Regional Board, which gave the project's approval in principle on February 1, discussed and approved the zoning amendments of the parcels where the project's feet came from, at the meeting held in Kastamonu on Wednesday, October 19th. The Board announced that it gave the application approval of the Cable Car Project at the meeting attended by Mayor Tahsin Babaş. With the application approval of the project, the tender works accelerated. kazanwas.

Kastamonu's most valuable symbol Kastamonu Castle and the clock tower will connect with a line of a thousand 40 meters and 6 fixed-clamp group of people with fixed clamp gondola lift that will be carried out in the fastest way Tahsin Father, Kastamonu Father, approximately TL 9 worth TL he emphasized that everything is ready, including the allowance for this investment, that the project is intended to be started quickly. Mayor Babaş said that the Teleferik Project would be started without losing time and said: ik We have received the approval of a very important project in order to revive the history and culture of our city. The Ropeway Project was very important for us in terms of keeping the historical and cultural physical infrastructure alive. With this project, Kastamonu Castle, Clock Tower, Seyrangah Hill, Coppersmiths Bazaar, 2'nun street rehabilitation area and Nasrullah Square will be connected to each other. The project will be completed within 6 months following the start of the tender and start of the work. Good luck to our Kastamonumuza 'he said.

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