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Antalya Bus Terminal will be moved to the mound: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Turel, will be held in Döşemealtı new bus station construction plans to begin in 2017 said. The bus station will be built with a contemporary and modern architecture.
Mayor Menderes Türel visited Mayor of Döşemealtı, Turgay Genç. During the visit, the new bus station project, which will be carried by Büyükşehir Municipality to Döşemealtı, was discussed. The two municipalities have co-operated in the example of the new bus station. The property of the 100 acreage area in Dosemealti, where the new bus station will be built, was transferred to the Metropolitan Municipality by Dosemealti Municipality. The title deed of the area was given to President Türel by Turgay Genç.
Mayor Menderes Türel thanked Mayor Genç for his support for the new bus terminal and said Büyük This support represents an important cooperation. You have also made a request about the collective workplace, and we said of course. The bus station in Antalya is now in the city center. Environmental roads are being completed. The bus station, the Western Ring Road, should move to a location near the North Ring Road. This is also important for the alleviation of city traffic. I would like to thank you for revealing the possibility of building a bus terminal with the transfer of property. Mülk
Example of cooperation in power negligence
Türel stated that this cooperation has a higher meaning and said ti We always say everywhere. We set out to serve our Antalya. Once the ruling opposition is elected, it is not in question. We said that after leaving our political party badge, we leave it at the door. Here is the confirmation of this in the most beautiful way. The ruling is also very important to show everyone that opposition cooperation is given the best at the point of service İkt.
Explaining that exposure to unjustified criticism is a strange twist on politics, President Türel said: ehir We, as the Metropolitan Municipality, have been wrongfully accused of not having good relations with the opposition municipalities. I can't accept them. We always keep the hand extended to us; but when we reach out with a clenched fist when we reach out, there is nothing we can do. The important thing is the unity of action discourse. On the one hand you will say that you should serve the country together, on the other hand you will do everything to provoke the services of the Metropolitan, it is not possible to understand. Sincerely open to cooperation as yours, Antalya's earnings. The earnings of our country, our nation and the people of Antalya are important before our earnings here. At this point, we have confirmed once again that unfair criticism of us is unfair. When it is desired, it is possible to serve our country without any distinction between the power and opposition. An example is the table here. Delivering the project, which will be added to Döşemealtı, will be better for Döşemealtı, and the project that we will do about the bus station will be better for our Antalya, and for our pavement. Hem
Menderes Türel said that the new bus station project was a great project and said, es We are preparing a project to receive an award. The bus station, which will produce its own energy, will be built with an extraordinary contemporary architecture. The details aren't complete. There will be a project that will add value to Döşemealtı. It will be the project that will reveal the most beautiful examples of contemporary modern architecture. There is no property problem. We hope to complete the project in a short time 2017 within the construction of the start, "he said.
Mayor Türel explained that they tried to uncover the most important projects in Döşemealtı as Metropolitan Municipality and gave the following information: eme Antalyaspor facilities are finished. We will officially open in the coming months. The bus station will be a very important project in Döşemealtı. One of the most important issues about Dosemealti was hospital. He is being solved by the city hospital now. Immediately in Kızıllı, there is a very large city hospital with an 1500 bed. It is within the boundaries of Kepez, but an 5 minute from Dosemealti. In addition to this, we think about the basic waste disposal cycle in Kızıllı for 1 months. We solved all the problems there. In Döşemealtı, there is currently no exacting hypodromic investment. Hopefully, we would like to give it to us. Da
Noting that they have solved the property problem in the coalers by arranging a special law article, the President Türel said: ük It was very important in terms of fulfilling the promises we gave to the coalers. Good for the coal. Great investments are being made at Döşemealtı by transportation axes. Of course, this means that the bus station is here. The Western ring road ends this year. One of the roads that will serve us very well. The northern ring road is moving fast. We think that the alternative ring road going through Varsak starts in 2017. We have already been awarded the tender for our works in the direction of Dosemealti. There is a serious road work going on to Varsak from the side of the Wholesaler Hal in the continuation of the Altinova Boulevard. After we bring the road to Varsak, the 3 to Korkuteli Junction will be made by the highways. When completed, you will be able to connect very easily to Korkuteli Junction, Varsak, Altınova boulevard, airport junction and Alanya-Antalya highway without seeing the city center. Tamam
Türbli'nın Tunnel will pass through the tunnel, Burdur road on the 6 bridge junction will be made, he said. President Türel, with the 6 bridge junction now exit from the Korkuteli Junction, without any traffic light, passing through the Çubukbeli direction heralded the direction of Bucak.
Conveying that they care about the construction of the new bus station, Dosemealti Mayor Turgay Young, said: eden Because Döşemealtı, the West Ring Road and the distribution point of the Eastern Environmental Roads. Taking the bus station up was important at this point. Having the bus station in Döşemealtı will provide great added value in terms of development of the region. As the bus station area, we are happy to do our part. I also thank you for your support in our collective workplace planning. Döşemealtı is one of the fastest developing areas of Antalya. Making common decisions without regard to political parties is very important for the development of our region. We are also very pleased. De


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