President Erdoğan, After this, will be remembered

President Erdoğan will commemorate Kanal Istanbul from now on: President Erdoğan, while giving information about the Kanal Istanbul project at the opening of the Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station, stated that they will train the groundbreaking ceremony of the 18 Çanakkale Bridge on March 1915. The president also responded to the execution chants and said, I hope it will pass through the parliament.
Built by TCDD for the first time with the Build-Operate-Transfer model, Ankara YHT Station was planned to be connected to Ankaray, Başkentray and Keçiören subways with the connections to be made.
The project, which has 3 platforms and 6 railway lines, consists of 194 thousand 460 square meters of indoor area and 8 floors, including the basement and ground floors. In Ankara YHT Station, there are social and cultural facilities such as commercial areas, cafe-restaurant, business offices, multi-purpose halls, masjid, first aid and security units and hotel. The station will be transferred to TCDD after 19 years and 7 months.
Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station is inaugurated today by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. At the opening of the station, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made statements after Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım and Parliament Speaker Kahraman.
Speaking at Prime Minister Yildirim gave information about the new high-speed train project, Parliament Speaker Hero, referring to the 15th of July they want to stop the progress of Turkey, he said. Finally, President Erdoğan, who took the stand, stated that the work on the Canal Istanbul project continues, the Eurasia Tunnel will open at the end of December and the groundbreaking ceremony of the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge will reach 18 March. Erdogan said that the execution cheers will pass through the parliament, I hope.
Notes from President Erdoğan's speech;

  • I hope that Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station building will be beneficial to our country. I would like to congratulate all the companies, managers and workers who have contributed to the acquisition of the garage building that I believe will be one of the symbol works of our capital. This work is the work of public private partnership in which we put the most successful practices in the world. 50 bin capacity, 3 platform, 6 railway with a truly exemplary work.


  • It never suits us to bend. We were not servants. We bow only in Ruku before our Lord. We will stand upright, we will not stand upright. They will operate this building under the name of Ankara Train Station business for 19 years and 7 months and then transfer it to TCDD.
  • With this station, which has been realized with an investment of 235 million dollars, the position of Ankara in the YHT center is strengthened. What does he say in that beautiful song: My eyes are on the way, my heart is narrow, either by yourself or by sending news, I'll write you wrote two lines of letters, the train will forget my condition and the black train will be delayed. Do not worry that the black train will not pass at all after that, instead there are high-speed trains. Writing 2 lines of letters today, from Eskişehir to Konya, Ankara, Istanbul. He did not stop by Rize. Hopefully we will stop there. We are adding Bursa to Yozgat Sivas, İzmir and Karaman until 2019.


  • I hope we will open the Eurasia Tunnel from now on. Why are they jealous of this. We also say that work, run, be yours. Why are they confusing my country? With the tax given by my citizen, the despicable ones come out. That is why they are mean and bloodless. I hope execution passes through the parliament. Close close… Since the sovereignty belongs to the nation, the matter is over. It is not what the West says but what my nation says.


  • He lived in Istanbul Marmaray. 3 million passengers passed in 160 years. There is more, nothing less. We saw the Eurasia Tunnel. We made our trips from Europe to Asia. I hope 2018 consortiums have promised me like this in the 5 quarter of our new airport, we will open the passenger capacity section in 90 million years. This is the world's number one. A magnificent work is emerging. Why, this suits the Turkish nation. They jump indicator of how Turkey. There is the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge. I hope the tender will be made. We will lay the foundation on March 18. There is Kanal Istanbul and that is a completely different project. It will connect the Black Sea to the Marmara. They talk about Suez, Panama Canal. After that, they will remember Kanal Istanbul. It will be the biggest project in the history of the Republic. Preparations continue.
  • We're going to die. We have a problem. We have the love for this nation. We want to be remembered with these works. That's our problem. We don't want the monument. We just need to bury us on the 2 meter. We come from the soil, we'il go to the ground.
  • The point is getting ready there. Turkey no power to prevent them from reaching their goals. We are committed. With you. You will walk, folks will walk afterwards. We have the War of Independence, the Battle of Çanakkale, countless struggles. These are all struggles of our nation. Our Republic, which we celebrate today's 93rd anniversary, is the name of the road after the War of Independence. The Republic of Turkey is not our first to our last state. Our state, which we consented to 100 years ago, is a very important achievement. I say Misakı Milli. Gazi Mustafa Kemal had drawn it. It disturbed someone. Look and look. I said Lausanne, they were uncomfortable. Why are you bothered? These islands were ours. We have artifacts, we have mosques. Why are you bothered? Whoever signed it is responsible.

  • Come to the last 10 years, we lost 2,5 million square kilometers. If they were left. We would have 3,5 - 4 million square kilometers of land. We live in this land. Someone has eyes around here. Wasn't that the PKK's account? What is my Mehmet currently struggling with? This struggles to protect the homeland. We are what we are. We call it one nation, homeland, flag state. We are one nation with 80 million.

  • JULY '15 the turning point for TURKEY

    • Our flag is the blood of our martyr, our star is our martyr, our crescent independence. It became a homeland because there were those who died for this land. There is no separatism here. No other state of the Republic of Turkey. What is that parallel state? Come on FETO, why can't you come, why are you hesitant. O floor worship, middle trade, ceiling betrayal. I am calling out to those who remain in that base. You did it one way or another. If you continue to stay there, you will hit the wall of Hakkı.
  • We entered the separatist Terrorist Organization den, we continue. We have joined FETÖ, and continue. Nobody should get up and do victim literature. These are not victims. My martyrs are 246 martyrs. We have 2194 gases. Their relatives are victims. Aren't they what they did that night. Those who were martyred in the Southeast and the East are our relatives.
  • If we come to this game, what will our grandchildren say to us? We're not coming to this game. States change in the lives of nations. There may be ups and downs. Some events make up their turning points. July 15 is a turning point for Turkey.

  • They tried to imprison it in an artificial modernization project. We have no trouble acting in accordance with the requirements of the age. We oppose the project of taking our nation from its roots and putting on a dress. The Republic is our Republic. It is our most important boiler in the last 1 century. Our nation has opposed attacks on its own existence for the new regime. When Aşık Veysel came to Ankara from Sivas, they did not buy it because of his outfit. They said you are a shepherd, and his instrument was broken because it was not suitable for the music project of the period. He is Veysel who owns this magnificent stanza. Deceit is the dry word of the ignorant, the ash of the uncultured person is a lie, and if he rules all over the world, his desire, goal, path is a lie.

  • Is it possible that those who despise being the true son of the nation are in our geography? Didn't our woman deal with our daughter in this country for years? They took away their education rights. They wanted to condemn him to ignorance. We broke these shackles. Sovereignty belongs to the nation. There is no domination over the nation, no lordship, no servitude. Whoever served this nation, our nation was the first. Why Menderes and Özal are still remembered with respect. Erbakan is well remembered like Türkeş. The difference here is the difference between those who serve the nation and those who try to dominate. If the nation took care of its nation on July 15, the reason is obvious.


    • Our nation has shown a stable stance that night. For this reason, couplers attack the symbolic areas such as ezana, the flag, the Assembly and the President's Complex. There are those who are disturbed by the prayer. Yesterday we were there today and know it. They pay for it.
  • They have an account. They thought that helicopters and F16s are everything. Don't you know the Turkish National Anthem? Now, my people, my nation, my people, did my brother shield his body, when the work is finished in 16 hours, this nation is proud. This folks made the hard easy. May my Lord perpetuate our unity and solidarity. One will be, we will be alive, we are brothers and sisters, together we will be Turkey. We will continue like this. 2023, 2053 is the way of Turkey. It is the way out of the centuries-old mangle. We must describe July 15 very well inside and outside the country. We had the opportunity to see our friend, our enemy. Neither the falseness of diplomacy and the glitter of false praise mean nothing to us anymore. We look at who opens his heart to us. Do we have trouble in Iraq and Syria, we will solve it. We will land on terrorist organizations like a sledgehammer. Doesn't the EU give us our requests, we'll take care of our own business. Are they trying to weaken us in the economy? We will immediately look for new markets. We will go on all of them nationally. Now do not the old Turkey. We will do this struggle, which will not be incomplete who throws a stone that trips us, by locking on our goals. If we are to win, if we are to die, we will die like a man. He lives our martyrs with mercy. I congratulate our Republic Day. I say, on behalf of my nation, God bless me, from all those who contributed. Hopefully, I wish the operating company prosperous profits from here.
  • Notes from the speech of the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey;

    • Railways are a field that needs investment. You have added works to the works. God bless those who work. They embarked on a revolt on 15 July. They want to stop the progress of Turkey. With your call to the squares, our country got rid of an accident. If this kind of situation was successful. Turkey was to be imparted to such works? No. Turkey was standing tall.
  • We gave martyrs. They were martyred to continue such works. I hope we have more works. I respectfully welcome the contractors, employees and bureaucrats.
  • Notes from the statement of Prime Minister Yıldırım;

    • As it is known on the 90th anniversary of our republic, we launched the biggest and most important Marmaray in the world, which we opened on October 29, 2013.
  • I told him that the great works are being made to Istanbul. We are proud to bring it to the capital. Ankara is not only the capital of Turkey, becoming the capital city of Ankara yht. We will reach Ankara, Istanbul, Konya and Manisa to İzmir in the future, Kırıkkale to Yozgat, Kayseri to Mersin, Adana. We come from texture to texture like lace.
  • Serving this nation is worship. You have a principle. The way to overcome the global crisis is to invest, to produce services and to realize big projects. Turkey crisis was tangential. Big projects are implemented one by one. We will unite Asia with Europe with Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Marmaray and soon the Eurasia Tunnel.

  • Fatih Sultan Mehmet lowered the ships from the land. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his friends also spend the trains. Our President said that we will do politics rather than words. He said we will serve the country to the nation. We've always done this for 14 years. We divided the roads, united lives. We made the airline the way of the people. We equip the dormitory with a high-speed train. When we put the high speed train line into service, it became one of the milestones of our geography. 72% of travels from Eskişehir to Ankara to Ankara are made by high-speed train. 66 percent of our citizens use Konya Ankara high speed line. Ankara Istanbul Konya We have combined the capital of the Ottoman Seljuk capital with high-speed train lines.

  • Our 28,5 million citizens visited. Modern Ankara train station became this way by spending 725 trillion. No money came out of the state's safe. Ankara and will serve the citizens coming from all parts of Turkey. Dear brothers, 150 thousand people will come and go here every day. It will become the living center of Ankara. Travelers, transfers from one place to another have become a place where people meet.

  • As our high-speed trains continue to grow, the works will continue to grow. Good luck to our nation in our country. I would also like to thank Süleyman Karaman and the railroad teams for their efforts. I would like to thank Ahmet Arslan and his team.

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