Minister Arslan, BTK will contribute billions of dollars to railway logistics sector

Minister Arslan will contribute billions of dollars to the BTK railway logistics sector: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan stated that the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) railway and other transportation projects will contribute to the logistics sector with billions of dollars annually.
Trend News Agency Minister Arslan, the construction work is still ongoing and expected to be opened to traffic by the year of 2017 BTK railway, since the decision of construction, from China to Western Europe on the route of the Silk Road was followed by interest by all countries announced .
Minister Arslan gave the following statement: "As your know, Turkey has the legal fraternity as well as the Azerbaijan neighborhood laws. This project is one of the most important steps that will enable the brothers to connect more tightly and share their joys together.
29 October 2013 Day of the founding of the Republic 90. We got Marmaray in service on the anniversary. Baku-Tbilisi-Kars line; Marmaray and the ongoing construction of high-speed train project, not only with Turkey, Azerbaijan will become the safest and most economical option of the Asia-Europe corridor. This project will reinforce the friendship of the two countries from the past, bring peace and prosperity to the people of the region, provide employment and revitalize the regional trade. Bu
Kars also needs a fast train
The Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway will not be left only in Kars, he said. Kars Kars also needs a high-speed train. In our country, Ankara-Eskişehir and then Ankara-Konya and Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train lines began to transport high-speed. Now we are delivering high speed train lines to our country. Now we are extending a line to Sivas. This line will be completed in the 100 year, which is the 2023 anniversary of our Republic after Sivas, and we will complete the Edirne-Kars High Speed ​​train corridor which will connect Europe to Asia.
Our aim is to make Turkey a logistics base in its region. In this context, we also initiated the Kars Logistics Center Project. With this center, a transport capacity of 412 thousand tons will be provided to the Turkish logistics industry. We have also completed the location determination and evaluation studies for the Logistics Center. We will establish it in the region where Kars OIZ and Small Industrial Site are located. The installation cost of this logistics center is 57 Million TL. Installation cost to Kars kazanA camel's ear remains next to its hooves. Not even 1%. What does this mean? When the High Speed ​​​​Train Road is completed, when the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway is completed, when the Logistics center is completed and fully operational, its annual contribution to the logistics sector will be measured in billions of dollars. said.
Our incentives continue to be the first choice of the Caspian Crossings by carriers
Trans-Caspian transitions through Azerbaijan to the Central Asia, a significant increase in transport over the past years, the Minister said, as of 2015 8 around the year of the transit of Turkish TIR carried out around 1000 thousand stressed.
Minister Arslan said that these figures will increase with the investments made in the transportation infrastructure of the countries in the region. Kel The incentives for the use of the Caspian route, which is the shortest way to reach the region, is used by the transporters as a first choice. Caspian increasing the effectiveness of the transition line, depending on mutual benefits and understanding among regional countries take decisions in order to make more efficient a tripartite technical committee has been established between Turkey-Azerbaijan-Turkmenistan. In this regard; we can emphasize that both state and private stakeholders are involved in the process and they support each other.
Following the eri Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Line Project (BTK) ecek, which is the largest project in the region, different modes of transportation will emerge depending on the types of cargo and new forms of benefit will be shown for the transporters.
The Memorandum of Understanding signed with China during the G-20 Summit in our country is important for aligning the Central Corridor, which constitutes an important part of the Caspian Crossings, with the China's initiative, akat One Generation, One Way (OBOR) inin project. Joint studies on this subject are ongoing.
Especially active activities of NGOs in this field contribute to increase awareness in the region. Özellikle
The opening of Baku International Trade Port will increase the efficiency of the Caspian Crossing route
Minister Arslan: Bak TIR transitions through the Caspian Sea are already located in Baku, 57. Prichal Port and Baku International Trade Port (Alat / Elet). We believe that the efficiency and efficiency of the Caspian Crossing route will be further increased with the opening of Alat Port and the implementation of scheduled / regular Ro-Ro flights. In addition, NGOs of our country are always ready to cooperate. For example; In order to be able to help the problems of Turkish TIR drivers during the port procedures, such as the representative of the International Transporters Association (UND) in Alat Port, of he said.
Erg We always support alternative routes and we argue that it is necessary to offer alternative routes to the transporters due to the economic conditions of our time, erg said Arslan, who stated that Azerbaijan and Iran are important for the cooperation of railroad networks.
In this context, we look at the cooperation carried out by the countries of the region with the logic of complementarity, not by the logic of competition. We believe that this project will contribute to the economic prosperity of the whole region. Bu
Turkey can develop new satellite for Azerbaijan
Between Azerbaijan and Turkey Referring to the potential use of space cooperation in the field of Ministers, "Azerbaijan is the first communications satellite was sent into space in 2013. The satellite, which operates at 46 degrees east, was produced by the American company "Orbital Sciences" and the launch of the satellite, which cost 250 million dollars, was carried out by the French company "Arianspace". The construction of the second satellites was started by Space Systems Loral (SSL) in 2016 and is planned to be launched in 2017. This satellite will be operated at East 45 degrees. The orbital life of these satellites is about 15 years, and when this period ends, new satellites must be placed in the same orbits to protect their orbital rights. Turkey's TAI (TAI) from among Europe's big satellites of various sizes located in the installation and testing can be made with the integration of the Space Systems Integration and Testing Center (uset) are available. In this facility, the production process of our country's first national communication satellite has been started.
Renovation of Azerbaijani satellite in this context, earth observation satellites outside communication satellites, remote sensing satellite project development and Turkey's existing remote sensing satellites (Gokturk-2) the provision taking into account the demands of Azerbaijan of data and making data sharing in the two countries ars, location determination of satellite systems in areas such as developing with Azerbaijan to cover the long-term cooperation between Turkey and Azerbaijan can be done.
In addition, InterSat small cube satellite projects can be developed. In this context, inter-agency interviews can be made by taking joint projects can be addressed. Kurum He said.

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