TCDD port with car ferry proposal

The proposal for a ferry to the TCDD port: DENİZ Chamber of Commerce (DTO) Izmir Branch Speaking at the parliamentary meeting in October, DTO Vice President Savaş Ercan offered the opening of the TCDD port to the use of car ferries to ease the traffic. Ercan said, “In order to ease Altınyol traffic, a ferry should be put between Bostanlı and Alsancak. TCDD port in Alsancak can be used for this. ”
The October meeting of the DTO was held in the assembly hall. Speaking at the meeting DTO Vice President Savas Ercan, Izmir should use the sea more, he said. Explaining the need for new ships to be used at every point of the Gulf of Izmir, Ercan said, “We want to use the sea more. Because we have no other way to go. But we have our sea and boats. They should be used more effectively, he said. Noting that the density of traffic increased with the opening of schools, Savaş Ercan said, arab To reduce the density of Altınyol traffic, ferry services between Bostanlı and Alsancak can be arranged. thus KarşıyakaTraffic coming from is relieved. There is a serious density in the Mavisehir region. Altınyol does not meet all of this intensity ”.
Calling for the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has recently implemented the regeneration project for sea transportation with 15 new ships, Ercan pointed to the port area so that the ferries can drive in Alsancak. Ercan said, “The ferries with cars can dock at the 1st port of TCDD at Alsancak Port. Both private and non-bonded areas are used at the pier. A protocol can be signed between İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD on the subject. ” An estimated budget of 2017 was also accepted in the Assembly. The budget of 2017 million 15 thousand TL, envisaged for 400, was unanimously approved. Stating that the budget of this year has increased by 10 percent compared to the previous year, DTO Board Member Mihri Çelik said, “The budget, which was 14 million 600 thousand lira last year, increased by 10 percent and reached 15 million 400 thousand TL. Çelik added that 137 students studying in maritime departments of universities and high schools have been granted so far, and that this year they will be happy to contribute 75 monthly education to 9 students for 230 months.

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