TCDD Hosts Austrian Delegation

TCDD Hosted the Austrian Delegation: A meeting was held in Ankara Gar Kule Restoran Behiç Erkin Hall between the representatives of TCDD and companies operating in the railway sector in Austria.
Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Austria Klaus Wölfer, General Director of TCDD İsa ApaydınDeputy General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun, TCDD Deputy Undersecretary of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Austria Georg Karabaczek, Department of Development Department Head Cengiz Arabacı and other officials.
between the European Union and Turkey pointed out that high-speed rail studies Ambassador Dr. In his speech, Klaus Wölfer said that the Fast Train Scissors Factory was established in partnership with Austria and KARDEMİR and TCDD.
Wölfer with Turkey voicing is very pleased with the cooperation between Austria, underlined that one of Europe's most beautiful station Ankara Train Station. . I'm very impressed by being in such a historic building, W said Wölfer.
TCDD General Director explaining that connects with the history of Turkey in Austria İsa Apaydın The Turkish citizens living in Austria with Austrian tourists coming to Turkey stressed that a social and cultural ties are strengthened role of a bridge between the two countries.
providing information about developments in recent years occurred in the railway sector in Turkey Apaydin, 2003 50 from the railways so far invested over TL billion years, he said.
“Let's reach our goals together“
With these investments; High-speed trains, especially passenger and freight transportation, safety and comfort, accelerating, modernization of towing and towing vehicles, establishment of logistics centers at 20 points,
Apaydın stated that they have carried out important projects such as renewing existing lines, transforming them into signal and electric transformations, and said: Of great importance for our country and railroad railway industry in terms of our sector, we are working to develop in Turkey. We are developing our railway sector by establishing subsidiaries with local and foreign companies. One of the subsidiaries that we established in this context is VADEMSAŞ High Speed ​​Train Scissors Factory in Çankırı. Our factory, established with the partnership of Austrian VOESTALPINE, KARDEMIR and TCDD to realize the production of conventional and high speed shears, has been operating since 3.057. 2011 has the capacity to produce 500 units and 100 units per year.
TCDD, 2023 km high-speed rail until 3.500, 8.500 km rail and 1.000 km conventional railway to 13.000 km railway and 80 kms of the construction of the project for the procurement of the set of YHT TDSD General Manager İsa Apaydın. As in VADEMSAŞ Scissors Factory in Çankırı, I would like to express that we will be pleased to work with Austrian companies to achieve our goals of 'rebuilding our country with ironworks'.,
The delegation toured the new YHT Gar
TCDD Deputy General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun made a presentation about the historical development and projects of TCDD. During the meeting, Cengiz Arabacı, Head of the Ministry of Development, was informed about the investments and incentive system in the railway sector.
Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Austria Klaus Wölfer, General Director of TCDD İsa ApaydınHe also visited the Atatürk House and Railroad Museum in the National Struggle.
Participants visited Ankara YHT Gar complex and made a souvenir photo. The event ended with a reception at the Austrian Embassy.



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