Taysad President Alper Kanca Became Head of Euroforge

📩 12/12/2018 17:49

Taysad President Alper Kanca Became the President of Euroforge: Alper Kanca, one of the leading companies of the Turkish tattoo industry, KANCA Tattoo Steel, took the Presidency of the European Tattooers Association (EUROFORGE) at the General Assembly of the European Tattoo Association.
European Tattooists Association (EUROFORGE) is a well-known and effective professional organization of Europe, which collects indispensable and important forging parts manufacturers under the same roof in the production of machinery, defense and energy sectors, especially the leading automotive brands of the world. Turkey, after 2000 participated as an observer in the activities Forging European Union (EUROFORG A) What Forging Industry Association in 2006 (DÖVSAD is) officially became a member with.
By 2010, the Turkish tattoo industry gained a respectable place within the EUROFORGE association thanks to its business volume, know-how, technology and exports to Europe. As an indicator of this, Alper Kanca was appointed as the Vice President of the European Association of Tattoos (EUROFORGE) at the General Assembly held in Brussels in 2010.
The General Assembly held in Alper KANCA 7 October was unanimously elected as the President.
Thus, for the first time, a Turkish industrialist has undertaken such a top task in Euroforge, the only federation in Europe in the Tattoo Industry.
Stating that it is important for a Turk to take such an important position in one of Europe's respected professional organizations, Alper KANCA said:
“In the past, when we wanted to become a member of professional organizations in Europe, they were making problems, they were looking for excuses. If they couldn't find anything, “On which side of Istanbul is your association's center? On the Asian side, we cannot get you into membership. ”
In particular, the impaired perception of Turkey, both in the political and business world at a time when concerns arise to Turkey, from different countries of our colleagues insisted the presidency of the European proposition for me, I care about the nominating alliances. As Turkish Industrialists, I am proud to have proved ourselves in a European professional organization with the best companies in our business.
This is not only my personal success but also a sign of the trust and respect of our European business partners in the Turkish Industry. Correct introduction of Turkey, in association of more business people to be told of the injustice suffered in Europe, I consider it important to take part in the federation. To correct the perception of Turkey, bringing to the place it deserves is not only the task of politicians. I wish more industrialists and business representatives to take similar positions.

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