Take the Fast Track Between Routes

You have entered the Düzced as a Fast Train Routes: with the participation of ministers for the prime minister Turkey Trade and Industry Council Meeting mention Duzce Trade and Industry Chamber Chairman Emeritus Cakir, the government has outlined its expectations for Duzce. Stating that Düzce may be a serious alternative base in the defense industry point, Çakır also stated that they want to benefit from the railway services and said that they expect Düzce to enter the high-speed train routes.
xnumx.türki Trade and Industry Council, Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Association President M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu hosted by Prime Minister Binali chaired by Lightning, Deputy Prime Minister Nurettin Canikli, Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci, Customs and Trade Minister Bulent TÜFENKÇİ of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Faruk Celik and 9 were held at TOBB Conference Hall with the participation of the heads of the board of directors and committees of the 365 chambers and exchanges. Here, 81 from the province of 365 and the head of the stock market, the private sector's problems and solution proposals, Prime Minister Yıldırım and conveyed to the ministers.
Alternatif There may be a serious alternative base in the defense industry “
Fahri Çakır, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Düzce Chamber of Commerce and Industry, also took the floor. Stating that Düzce may be a serious alternative base in the defense industry, Çakır stated that Düzce is a ready candidate for defense industry in terms of both logistics and technology. Çakır stated that they can contribute to the defense industry of the country with new investments, as well as companies currently operating in this field.
Demand for high-speed train routes to Düzce
Çakır also made a speech stating that they want to benefit from the railway services of Düzce, and that they expect Düzce to be included in the high-speed train routes. Expressing that this service will provide important contributions to Düzce especially in the field of freight transportation, Düzce TSO President Fahri Çakır said that the investments made by the state in recent years also hoped Düzce, and the railway line that will pass through Düzce will have serious contributions to both economy and social life. Prime Minister Yildirim and other ministers carefully listening to the conversation that takes notes Düzce Customs Directorate of the establishment and Akcakoca the speaking Cakir should be resolved in a short period of OSB problem, Düzce is a province in the continued growth efforts and Turkey's 2023 vision more comfortable service in case of acquisition of these services He added that he could.



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