Atalaydan Yalnızçam Ski Resort Gospel

Atalaydan Yalnızçam Ski Center Gospel: After the announcement of the tourism zone with the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Ardahan Yalnızçam Ski Center for the second time by the decision of the Council of Ministers by taking the list of investments by President R. Tayip Erdoğan signed in the Official Gazette was signed with the signature.

Ardahan Deputy Prof Dr. He added a new one to the investments of Ardahan, where Orhan Atalay cared very hard and worked hard. For the opening of investments in the lake… Atalay, who came to Göle; Ardahan Soloçam Ski Tourism and Culture Center said that it was published in the official newspaper and wished Ardahan good luck.

It is important for our city of Ardahan that the fact that Ardahan has significant potential in terms of winter tourism is the world's most beautiful crystal snow and the 8th Tourism Center of the country. In addition to our city, Göle ski center will be more meaningful when it comes to life.

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