Sivas Divriği Raybüs Line Paralysis

📩 12/12/2018 17:50

Sivas Divriği Raybüs Line Paralysis: As it is known, the problems about the Raybüsleri, which is transported from Sivas Divriği, which has been brought to the agenda repeatedly by different people and institutions that do not fall off the agenda, do not end. Although the problems related to the Raybusses, which are constantly on the agenda of Udem Haksen, have been communicated to the authorities in written and verbally, the fact that they have not yet taken a concrete step has revealed our right to this issue. Raybüsler which provides transportation between Sivas and Divriği and which is used extensively by the public, causes distress. It will continue after that.
As it is known, Raybüsler, which has been operating between Sivas and Divriği, has completed its technical life and it has been inevitable to change with the new one. Continuous fault negatively affects transportation between Sivas and Divriği. In the recent days of the accident in the level near the Dogan district Baharözü Raybüs has seen a great cascade and removed from the expedition. Failure to replace a new one has caused hundreds of passengers. The absence of new Raybüslerin also creates problems. As Udem Haksen President, we call the political will that Sivas is not the one that gives immigration to the problems, but we see that Sivas continues to lose blood every day. Raybüsler also appeared in this indicator. The new Raybusses, which are given the good news of the future of Sivas, should not be left in theory, but should be turned into practice. The fact that the Raybusses and Sivas, which were not sent to Sivas, were thrown into the second plan caused disappointment. As Udem Haksen, we think that Sivas is not a province with its problems, we have solved its problems, we can imagine that we can produce a coveted, envied city. For Sivas; we must realize the dream of Big Sivas by acting with politicians, non-governmental organizations, bureaucrats and businessmen.
I call on the Ministry of Transport and TCDD officials from here,
Why, the problems with the reamers have not been solved until today,
Who or who prevented the arrival of new rivers
When are the new rails coming to Sivas?
Abdullah PEKER
President of Udem Haksen

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