Tram in the date of the date of the tram OMÜye Was Cleared

The date of the tram to be revealed to the public in Samsun: The date of the tram's going to Ondokuz Mayıs University in Samsun has been announced! Deputy Secretary General of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, Mustafa Yurt, said that there will be an overpass to 4 critical points on the newly built Gar-Tekkeköy tram route. Yurt stated that the rail system will go to OMU within 1-3 years.
Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Yurt, found on the new Gar-Tekkeköy tram route 4 to the critical point will be made to the overpass.
Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Mustafa Yurt, in his presentation at the Provincial Coordination Board Meeting, announced that an overpass will be made to the critical points that could cause accidents in the newly opened Tekkeköy-Gar rail system route. Dormitory, after this route to the university to take the work of the rail system, he said.
Emphasizing that there is no distress between the university and the municipality, Mustafa Yurt said, “As Metropolitan Municipality, we attach great importance to transportation projects. Transportation projects also come to mind the rail system. First, we completed the 16-kilometer Gar-university route. Then we will finish the 14-kilometer line on the route of Gar-Tekkeköy to 3-4 days later. We did our first tests. Our trains went smoothly until Tekkeköy junction. We will be opening this route on October at 10. Another point is the decision to take the rail system from the Kurupelit University to the university. I would like to express my gratitude to this valuable rector. This is the first act that does not come. There was a disagreement between our former rector and our municipality. But now there is no problem. 10 Our first project after October, we will continue our work on how the rail system extends from Kurupelit to Ondokuz Mayis University, where social dwellings and dormitories are located. We will carry out the drilling works in the coming days and realize the project of the construction of the 5-6 kilometer rail system here and we will make the tender and 1-2 will take the rail system to our university within the year. Ön
”4 overpass to critical point geçit
Explaining how to make an overpass to the 4 where the most curious and accidents happen, Yurt told the following:, 10 We opened the 5 stop on the rail system route which will be opened in October. They always say, 'In some places there is a need for overpasses.' The new route will be built on the 4 pedestrian overpass. One of them will be held in front of Piazza Shopping Mall. The shopping center itself will make the overpass here. They asked us for plans and maps. We sent them. They will undertake the work and the cost. We have 2 overpasses. These are the front of the Bandırma Ship Museum and the Blue Lights Rehabilitation Center. 4. overpass will be made by the Regional Directorate of Highways to the place where Lovalet AVM is located. I think that when it is done, traffic safety will be provided effectively. Or

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