Why is the tram delayed in Samsun ... Here is the reason

Why is tram delayed in Samsun: Kadir Gürkan, Board Member of Samulaş made very important statements regarding Light Rail System Transportation.
The delay in the rail system in the morning of today and the excessive occupancy that resulted in this caused the reaction of the citizens. Statement on the subject came from Kadir Gürkan, Member of the Board of SAMULAŞ. Reminding that the transportation between the University and Tekkeköy has started as of today, Gürkan said, “Transportation is carried out with 21 light rail vehicles at the peak hours. Again, at peak hours, 6/7 minutes, at other hours, 7 minutes are served with an interval. The newly purchased light rail vehicles will begin to join the existing fleet, starting at the end of October. We will serve with a fleet of 29 vehicles by the end of January. There will be no delay or excessive occupancy starting from this date. ”
Saying that the number of ticket loading / selling devices at the stations has been increased from 18 to 36, this number will be increased to 47 at the end of the week with the ongoing assemblies. "will be prevented by increasing the density experienced in the stations."
Touching on the ongoing works with the Student Council of Ondokuzmayıs University, Gürkan said, “We continue to work on the campaign for use only in the light rail system for our passengers who use 'Education Samkart' with the Student Council. Students will be able to benefit from the campaign by loading kiosks to existing Education Samkart with a system that does not require a fixed fee and return process between University and Tekkeköy. We will launch the campaign in November. ”

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