OMU Students Protest Rail System Fees in Samsun

Students from OMU Protested the Rail System Fees: A group of students studying at Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMÜ) delivered 4 signatures to Samsun Metropolitan Municipality officials and requested the cancellation of the gradual price application in the rail system.
Making a press statement on behalf of a group of students gathering in front of the Metropolitan Municipality, the university student Zafer Aydın said, “The hikes and system changes make the university students and the people of Samsun victim. The citizen, who does not have 4 TL in his pocket, cannot go even a stop by tram. The university minibuses, by knowing this opportunity, went on to increase their wages. Our demands are the withdrawal of hikes to public transportation and the reasonable adjustment of the prices, increasing the number of trips of all public transportation vehicles according to the peak hours, increasing the number of ring in Kurupelit campus, increasing the amount of dolmus and bus fares to distant districts to the center, increasing the fare return devices. is to increase the money loading devices and to put money loading devices at the express stops. ”
Students who read the press release later handed over 4 signatures they collected at OMÜ and various places in Samsun to the authorities in the Metropolitan Municipality.
Öncel: “University student does not go to 4 TL”
Stating that nowhere is 4 TL, Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Coşkun Öncel said, “However, if you get out of Tekkeköy and go to university, it is 4 TL. It is also for a normal citizen. University student does not go to 4 TL. There are certain tariffs between certain stops. When we get on the trams, it draws 4 TL when you read the card, but when you get it, it will return the difference to you when you read your card. Students are acting here not for themselves, but for the fees of civilian citizens. Our light rail system Samkart prices are full fare 1-10 stops 1.88 TL, 1-21 stops 2.20 TL, 1-28 stops 3.10 TL and 1-36 stops 4 TL, while students 1-10 stops 1.65 TL, 1-21 stops 1.65 TL , 1-28 stops are 2.33 TL and 1-36 stops are 3 TL. While 36 stops are 3 TL for the students, the students are doing for 4 TL in the action they take here. ”
“Students are protesting the hike we've done before”
Stating that there is no traffic problem in trams, Öncel said, “It is clear how many trams will arrive and where you will be. It is a type of transportation made for people to reach this comfort of life. It is extremely modern, extremely sterile. We also make these hikes due to a number of necessities. Our goal is not to attract anyone's reaction. We want a very good standard of living, very cheap living conditions for everyone. But everything has a price. Our trams are currently going to Tekkeköy. We have not made this hike new. We did it before. The students felt that they needed to protest this because they had just come to their school. ”

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