The Future of Samsun Bursadan The Silkworm Awaits Trams

📩 12/12/2018 18:01

The Future of Samsun Borough Silkworm Awaits Trams: After the Samsun Light Rail Line is extended to Tekkeköy, the new trams are expected to be in Samsun by the end of this month.
After Samsun Light Rail Line extended to Tekkeköy, new trams were needed. Bursalı DurmazlarContracts for Silkworm trams produced by the company were made in October last year. As of the end of October this year, the 8 tram is expected to be delivered.
31 trams serving on the Samsun Light Rail System Line, which reaches 21 kilometers, cannot meet the demand. For this reason, there is a congestion at the tram stops, especially at peak hours, including the start and end times of working hours. In order to prevent this situation, the tender started with the Silkworm Project in Bursa. Durmazlar The machine won. The cost of each of the 8 tram to be purchased 1 million 539 thousand euros. The cost of the 8 tram is around 13 million euros.
Silkworm Looks Like That Taken From The Italians
The light rail system in Samsun was put into service with 2010 trams purchased from Italy in 16. In 2013, a tender was made for the purchase of 5 trams and the Chinese CNR company won. The trams purchased for a total price of 1.5 million Euros from 7.5 million Euros became the largest trams in Samsun with a length of 42 meters.
Silkworms coming from Bursa look like trams purchased from Italy and produced by ANSALDO BREDA. It is 32 meters long, 2,65 meters wide, but the weight of these trams is 2 tons lower than Italian trams. As the trams get heavier, electricity and operating expenses increase. For this reason, silkworms will save SAMULAŞ. Italian trams were 43 tons, domestic trams were 41 tons. In addition, each tram has 20 passengers more than the Italians.
Italian passenger trams passenger capacity: 62 standing + 217 standing + 2 was a total of 281 passenger capacity.

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