Ring groove solution rail system

The solution of the ring skein rail system: The ring skein scene at Hacettepe University Beytepe Campus has not changed this year either. Çeken The solution is not a bus, but an additional rail system to the campus from below, ”he says.
The scenery has not changed for two years in the 'ring' application of Hacettepe University Beytepe Campus, which EGO introduced in 2014. Students coming down from the subway and getting into the queue and getting on the ring bus said that ist we want a permanent solution without problems dik. Stating that they started to be late for their classes from the first days of school due to queues extending to the entrance of the subway station, the students said about the ongoing difficulties:
Ulaşmak Getting here by metro is a separate ordeal, and getting into the school from here is another ordeal. What kind of scenery we will encounter while climbing the stairs at the entrance of the metro is unknown. Sometimes we go back to the queue, and sometimes we start running to the stop because the tail is reduced. The landscape is the same every morning. Especially around 08.00-08.30 there is an incredible density. Students are late for three minutes.
We are 30 thousand students. Inclusion of additional placements and students who do not attend the week may increase the intensity. We want a permanent solution without problems. Waiting in this queue takes our motivation and energy to enter the campus. Morning traffic is also effective in delaying ring buses. The solution to this is not a bus, but an additional rail system from the bottom to the campus. ”
EGO General Manager Balamir Gündoğdu stated that 10 will increase the number of buses in October in order to eliminate the problems.
“10 will be solved from October. The number of flights will be transferred to the winter schedule as of this date. We will reduce the density with additional drivers and buses. ”
It was notable that the multi-door solution introduced in the ring buses at Beytep Campus last year by introducing validators for the middle doors of the buses was not implemented this year.
Due to the density in the ring line of Beytepe Campus number 550, many students are trying to reach the campus by hitchhiking.


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