Rail System Airport-Expoya Bus

From the 1 October 2016, the commissioning of the New Meydan Tram Stop will begin.
For this reason, 1 will be able to make flights to the Fatih Departure Center from October until the Stop Burhanettin Onat Station, the Airport and Expo Departure. Tram stops between Burhanettin Onat and Meydan Durakları.
Our passengers who continue to air port and Expo Stations in terms of tourism, Burhanettin Onat Durağlı will be transported free of charge to our public buses to the Kışla Station.
Our passengers who will go to the Square Stop in the direction of Fatih, will be transported from Burhanettin Onat Station to Taksim Square with free public buses.
-The passengers who will continue to Fatih direction from the air port and the Expo will be transported to the Burhanettin Onat Station with free buses to the public.
-The passengers who want to land on the Tram Station by taking the tram from the air port and the Expo are able to continue to the Square stop without getting off the tram and without any transfer.
-The passengers who want to go from the station to the airport -Expo direction can continue without any transfer using the tram.
-Meydan station to continue the direction of Fatih passengers, free of charge by public buses will be transferred to Burhanettin Onat Station.



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