Logitrans Offers Great Opportunities for Participants

logitrans Offers Great Opportunities for its Participant: The logitrans, which carry itself forward every year in terms of both the quality and the number of visitors, will raise the bar this year and sign a successful fair. Ziyaret Every year, the logitrans visited by 15 thousand decision makers reached very high level participants. 22 attracts the highest level visitors with this attribute of the International logitrans Transport Logistics Fair, where 220 from the country opened its booth by joining the domestic and foreign company. The logistic purchasers of the industrial and commercial sector, especially foreign trade companies, are therefore visiting logitrans. Logitrans, which creates a great logistics shopping environment, also paves the way for the emergence of new collaborations. Sektör The international logitrans Transport Logistics Fairs Manager, Altınay Bekar, underlined the importance of the fair for the sector:
Sorun The fairs that create output and growth opportunities at all times and everywhere are affected by the local problems, but the logitrans are on their way. This year 10. The International logitrans Transport Logistics Fair, once prepared to open its doors, will be the water of water for logists against shrinking world trade.
logitrans offers great opportunities for the transportation and logistics sector against regional wars and overcoming the negative effects of the shrinking world economy. Giant brands, organized and working in different geographies of the world, participate in logitrans and realize regional collaborations.
Fairs are the places where the new markets, transportation and logistics companies at all levels looking for new customers will develop the easiest cooperation. logitrans is an international trade fair where the global brands participate in local cooperation and continue to contribute to the participants.
It is necessary to evaluate these activities which the non-participant has lost. Therefore, we strongly recommend that all transport and logistic companies join logitrans. 16-18 On November 2016 you have your place at IFM Yesilkoy.



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