MOTAŞ achieves an innovation in transportation

”We continue to innovate in public transport in order to prevent time wasting and to make life more livable için Tamgaci said: bir We continue to innovate in public transportation.
MOTAŞ, which carries out the public transportation in Malatya, has achieved another innovation in transportation. He introduced the application on the web by introducing a new one to the innovations that he had previously implemented.
Anas Sadat, the General Manager of MOTAŞ, stated in his statement on the subject:
. We continue to innovate in public transport in order to make life more livable. If we look at what innovations we've done, in a nutshell: we first started by moving the card center on a busy street to a safer and more comfortable environment. In other words, we moved Malatya Card Information Center to İnönü Grand Bazaar. In this way, we saved our people from the queue on the curb. We continue to serve in the new place with innovations. In a modern, spacious environment, we were able to sit in the waiting seats, waiting for the sequence taken from the banknote in a short period of time, allowing us to monitor the realization of the transactions in a short time.
We constantly strive to address our customers with the easiest transactions. For card applications, we have removed the documents requested by 18 under age students and prevented wasting time and paper. Ler Tamgacı said that they showed the utmost respect for human time, zaman Our company, which is strongly opposed to violence, spent time on the internet for university and education online smart card application.
“No queue waiting! Yok
We are now launching online application for full cards, student cards, teachers and 65 age card applications. With the online smart card application, you can have a smart card in a short time without waiting. For this from the web is You can get your card by visiting our Malatya Card Information Center after you have done a few actions by visiting the address gerçekleştir;
1 from November 2016 via web is page by visiting the smart card application can be done.

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