Metrobus Driver Glass Cab

Metrobüs Driver Glass Cabinet: I've recently started work on the metrobus in Istanbul after explaining the launch of the İETT General Manager Arif Emecen, ı Metrobüste event is a milestone. With this incident, we have prepared a protection system to prevent the external intervention of the passenger. Applied abroad. We are going to implement the glass cabin application from next week and will apply it to the 5 bin 750 bus. Ön
Following the award ceremony organized by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), Arif Emecen said, ş We will now monitor the drivers of the public transportation vehicles in Istanbul with the en CAN-BUS M system called the Ar black box Avrupa. All the movements and movements of the bus will be monitored. The second and third time, the same complaint will be dismissed from the driver. Training planning of drivers will be done via notifications from buses' electronic brains. We will be able to access 40 data from the data, such as at which stop the vehicle is stopped, whether the door is opened, the door is open, the air conditioner is working and not working, how many hours it is working. Every driver's got a record. We will get training centers when the record falls below the 80. Sic
On the other hand, EFQM has awarded IETT the 'Excellence Award' in the category 'Adding Value to the Customer'. Arif Emecen received the award in a ceremony in Milan. . The event that the jury was most impressed with this award was the IETT 'Empathy Week' event,. Said Leon Tossain, CEO of EFQM. During the week of Empathy, all IETT employees, including executives, use public transport for a week to identify potential improvement and development areas. This application is repeated frequently. I congratulate them. Kend Arif Emecan, said: m Our work that enables us to win this award is gathered under the title of 7. To summarize, we have made our customer complaints and suggestions system very easy and very quickly available. We get 4 thousand complaints a day. Every application must be recorded. There is also an 'Empathy Week'. All IETT employees use public transportation for a week. We all report our observations and we repeat it frequently. The 'Empathy Week' application makes it possible to identify priority problems and produce easy solutions. '



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