Mardin Castle Cable Car Project at Habitat Conference

In the Habitat Conference Mardin Castle Ropeway Project Intense Interest: Great Interest to Mardin Castle Ropeway Project at Habitat Conference: ele Residential and Sustainable Urban Development esi in Quito, Ecuador's Habitat Conference, which is organized every twenty years by the United Nations (UN) contact. In order to create settlements for people and to create awareness in the international public opinion in order to manage the effects of rapid urbanization in developing countries, 160 participated in the conference with the participation of the country at DIKA. 17 - 20 October 2016 After the Habitat conference in the capital of Ecuador, Kito (Quito), DIKA General Secretary Yilmaz Altindag, who came together with local and national press members in Mardin, informed the press about the projects they presented at the conference.

”Our Project Has Been First 10“

During the conference, Xanthi Xadnix 1 4 300 10 20 4 300 10 250 Project 1996 17 20 2016 4 300 project. We participated in the Conference as the Agency from Mardin under the coordination of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. We, DIKA, sent a project to the UN in June. Our project has entered the first 10 in the 4 bin 300 project. There was also a project of Mardin DİKA from the accepted 1 project. This must be a very historical event, a witness to history. The first conference was held in Canada Vancour, the second in Istanbul in 10. Third, the dates of 10-1 October XNUMX were held in the capital of Ecuador's Kito. The subject was the adaptation of livable cities and cities to human beings. Of course, immigration and unemployment were also discussed there. We talked about Mardin there, we created an awareness when it comes to Mardin. There was great sympathy in the hall. We have enjoyed being in such an important meeting, because we participated as a delegation to Turkey. Entering the first XNUMX from the XNUMX bin XNUMX project is a very different event, very pleasing. XNUMX bin XNUMX project presented by the conference XNUMX.Caddenin pedestrianization project presented by our Agent entered the first XNUMX. It was a historical event for us to enter the first XNUMX of our project at a national event. Many topics such as migration and unemployment were discussed at the conference. When we talked about Mardin at the conference, we talked about the presentations of XNUMX.Caddeyi and Teleferik projects. In the event that the ropeway project is realized, we have explained the effects and reactions of the ropeway on tourism and people. The presentations presented by our agency had positive effects. When we talk about our province, we talked about the fact that it was far from terrorism, that it was an investment, the Turk, the Kurds, the Arab, the Assyrian, the Circassian, the Muslim lived together, and the mosaic of the Bell sound into the voice of Azan. Ken

”Teleferic Project Intense Interest“

During the conference, Altındağ said, s They asked why the tram was not in Mardin. We have explained in technical terms why there is no tram in our city. The conference showed great interest in the ropeway project. We have stated that the ropeway project will contribute not only in terms of trade but also in terms of tourism. In fact, even with balloon tourism, Cappadocia is a quality that can be explained with pictures. We talked about Batman, Siirt, Mardin and Sirnak in the city of Eito, the capital of Ecuador, but our main subject was Mardin. The main owners of the city were the local authorities. We prepare the project and support the project to a certain extent and then deliver it to the real owners. First street pedestrianization will be the beginning of the project. The Mardin Castle, which we are focusing on, is to create awareness for Mardin's historical and cultural values ​​and to provide added value through a project concept integrated with a ropeway and balloon projects that will cover a wide area. We aim to create a second Milan. We will touch cities as an agency. We will prepare projects. Municipalities will prepare their parking lots, stops and the operation of the street. The first street is not suitable for rail due to the historical texture of the city. The streets will be prepared for the disabled. Our tradesmen have uneasiness about this. Vehicle density on the street reduces the exchange. Pedestrianization will increase shopping. We need to tell this to our tradesman. The city square and new arrangements on the street will prepare the infrastructure of our entry into the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. HABITAT officials will send a delegation to our province in the coming period to examine the project on site. This is an indication of how much we care. It is very meaningful to sit on the agenda with a project at such an event which is one of the most important events in the world. Dün

The Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Development will be a follower of the project voicing Altındağ, isi We are now in a hurry to keep this project alive. The project is a project signed with the Metropolitan Municipality. People who don't want to walk on the street will be offered tram-type vehicles. The opening of the castle to tourism, cable car and 1.Caddenin pedestrianization in the process of support from everyone else, "he said.

The information meeting ended with answering questions from press members.

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