Lufthansa expects Third Airport

Lufthansa is waiting for the Third Airport: Lufthansa has announced that the Third Airport, which is expected to be operational from 2018, will offer them a new capacity.
Turkey in the 60th year anniversary of his flight Lufthansa Turkey, Kemal Pass assigned to the headquarters' third airport will offer us a new capacity. We visited the airport construction last week. We received a detailed briefing here will be an important center for Turkey, "he said.
Lufthansa, which started to fly from Frankfurt to Istanbul in 1956, currently operates 27 weekly flights between Istanbul and Istanbul Esenboğa Airports. Turkish Airlines with the SunExpress they have 50 partners so catering company LSG Sky Chefs to the airline operating in the call center and cargo and aircraft maintenance, as well as Swiss Swiss and Edelweiss is a partner, with Austrian Airlines flies to Turkey.
'This year is hard'
Not only Turkey, 2016 the Lufthansa emphasizing that it is a difficult year for the entire world, the Middle East and Africa Sales and Vice President of Service Tamur Goudarzi-Pour, 'Nevertheless, we aim to make the turnover of the previous year. We have been here for 60 years and we want to continue to be in the next 60 years. After a short period of 18 months after the establishment of Lufthansa she started to fly to Turkey. We want to grow together in the future, "he said.
Lufthansa ordered 36 airplanes for 260 billion euros last year. The airline that shapes the future structure will add a new aircraft to its fleet almost every week. In addition to the single-aisle Airbus A320neo and CSeries, A350XWB and Boeing 777X planes will join the Lufthansa fleet.
Turkish General Manager
Lufthansa Turkey is the Directorate General who served as Sales Manager for Lufthansa a year from October 1, a 32 year old Kemal was appointed Pass. Geçer will be responsible for the operation of Austria and Swiss Airlines, as well as Lufthansa from the Istanbul head office. Born in Antalya in 1984, Geçer graduated from Schumpeter School of Business and Economics in Germany. He did a master's degree. He started his business life at Vodafone in Germany. After working as Strategy Consultant at IQ Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, he became General Manager of HEINE Medizin GmbH in Düsseldorf in 2013. Since 2015 Lufthansa also began working as a general manager in Turkey.
The second Turkish official
“I joined the Lufthansa team a year ago. Now, the 60th anniversary of Lufthansa Turkey I lived proud to be the general manager. 25 years ago, I had my first flight from Istanbul to Frankfurt Lufthansa. I returned to the same plane to Istanbul after 25 years, and I started working at Lufthansa, "said Kemal Pass, 60 years Lufthansa's general office duties Thank you everyone etti.lufthansa in Turkey who contributed to reach this condition in Turkey for the second time a Turkish going to the manager. Sadık Elmas became the first Turkish general manager. Elmas served in Istanbul between 2003-2008.

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