Killing carelessness on level crossings

Carelessness in level crossings kills: TCDD 6. Regional Director Mustafa Çopur pointed out that accidents at level crossings were mostly due to the fact that the red light was not recognized and warned the drivers.
Çopur said, tehlik The car drivers who are not careful are endangering their lives and the lives of the people next to them. In addition, accidents due to inattention are usually costed to trains, but the train is not like any other road vehicle, it is a heavy mass vehicle that continues on its own line and cannot stop immediately. We want it to be more careful for road drivers. Onun
Adding to his words that there are 32 level crossings between Adana and Mersin, Çopur said, “In other words, a highway cuts the railway for 2 km. This low speed means accident and death. No matter how much we increase the safety systems at the level crossings and make the necessary markings, this is not observed much. Red light violations and impatience of the drivers also bring accidents together. Vehicles are trying to cross the road in an uncontrolled and hasty way instead of stopping on the train line. It is vital that drivers be more careful and controlled at level crossings ”.

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