50 is the annual dream cable car project in Kocaeli

The cable car project of 50, which is the dream of the year, is realized in Kocaeli. The tender file of the cable car project, which is described as X 50 annual dream ”in Kocaeli, was prepared.

In the industrial city of Kocaeli, the tender process was carried out in the ropeway project which will enable the summit of Samanlı Mountains to be seen by watching the Gulf of Izmit and Sapanca Lake from the forests which have hundreds of species of trees at the same time as the t 50 annual dream Sanayi.

In addition to its natural beauties, Kartepe provides many nature sports facilities during the four seasons. After the completion of the project, Kartepe will offer its visitors a ropeway ride.

When the first stage of the project is planned to be shot at the beginning of the 2017 and the first stage of the project is planned to be completed in 1,5, the tourists coming to the region will be watching the Sapanca Lake and the Gulf of Izmit at the same time and will travel to the summit of the Samanlı Mountains with a thousand 700 altitude.

When the project is implemented, a water skier in Sapanca will be able to enjoy snow skiing at Kartepe Ski Resort after a half-hour cable car journey.

Kartepe Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez said in a statement that the history of the ropeway project dates back to the periods when Kartepe was in town and the people of the region dreamed of 45-50 for years.

Uzulmez said that they spent a great deal of work on this important project since 2014 they took office and they said that they made the master plans of the project, they had official permits and they planned the plans.

Sadulmez, the tender file prepared the project prepared the cable car 2 stage of the plan, saying, in In the first place on the Derbent Mahallesi'nin, a beautiful area overlooking the Gulf and Sapanca Lake in a place with a 5 star hotel with the cable car to be installed. People will be able to go to Kuzuyayla at the top of Kartepe with the 4,7 cable car line from there. Starting from Seka Camp and passing through Sapanca Lake, our second stage will be 4,5 kilometers long. Sek

”The first digging will be hit at the beginning of the 2017“

Noting that the cabins in the cable car line will be 7-8, Üzülmez said,, Since Arab tourists will be more, they do not prefer to move in large capacity places. So we are planning to do a total of 7-8 cabinets. 40-50 cabinets are not very efficient. 7-8 cabinets will go on and on constantly. This will be our first stage. Birinci

Mayor Uzulmez stated that all the infrastructure of the project and the tender dossier were prepared and continued as follows:

Inin In the event that the Public Procurement Authority has taken the day, the tender process goes through its normal course and there is no objection, I expect that this process is a monthly process. I think this is the first or second month of the 3, but if there are any surprise developments, the first digging in the spring of the worst 2017 is shot. After the 2017 yearly process, with the permission of Allah, they will use the beauty of our town, the 1,5-45 annual dream, by the tourists who visit Kartepe unless there is an extraordinary situation. Allah

”The number of tourists in Kartepe will increase by 3-4 floor“

Stating that the net figures related to the investment cost did not occur, Üzülmez said, ığ Build-operate-transfer model is our first target. According to the investors, the cost of one stage will be only around 7-8 million euros, but next to it, 10-15 will find a million euros with facilities such as hotels.

Even in less populated and less populated places such as Üzülmez and Kartepe, the ropeway provides a great acceleration in tourism. kazanEmphasizing that he was angry, he said:

Tahmin After the completion of the project, we estimate that the current capacity of Kartepe will be attracted by 3-4, especially those coming from nearby cities and Arab tourists. Kartepe will contribute greatly to the development of tourism. Visitors will travel around Izmit Bay and Sapanca Lake on these beautiful forests. In half an hour of summer travel, he will bring people to the highland plateau over half an hour. Yap

Kartepe, the world's congress center with artificial touches, which is a place more beautiful than the town of Davos Switzerland, expressing sadness, natural beauty without disturbing the technology to both adapting the country's economy as well as contributing to the promotion of the region, he added.

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