Kayseri business world calls for repair of Kayseri-Samsun railway

Kayseri business world calls for the Kayseri-Samsun railway to be repaired: Businessmen from Kayseri, who use the Mersin port for export, said, “We also want an exit door to Samsun. Kayseri-Samsun railway must be repaired ”.
Kayseri Chamber of Commerce President Mahmut Hekyilmaz complained about the freight prices in Mersin port, which are the export gates and said, “We think that an exit door should be built in Samsun. There is a railway between Samsun and Kayseri, but this needs to be repaired. ”
Kayseri Chamber of Commerce welcomed the delegation from the Army within the scope of the Black Sea Mediterranean Trade Cooperation Project, which was supported by the Eastern Black Sea Development Agency as part of the Direct Activity Support. 0 Speaking at the meeting President of Kayseri Chamber of Commerce Mahmut Hiçyılmaz, said:
“We use the Mersin port to export the products we produce, but the high freight rates in the Mersin port prevent our competitiveness. The passing of the Black Sea-Mediterranean road, which is being built recently on the north-south axis, through Kayseri will surely benefit us. We use the Mersin port as an export gate, but we also think that an exit gate should be built in Samsun. ”
Noting that there is a railroad between Kayseri and Samsun, Mahmut Hayyilmaz said, “This line needs to be repaired. At the same time, the construction of a railway on a road to Ordu will make our exports from Anatolia to Northern countries more comfortable. We need to send not only to the South, but also from the south to the north, but also to get out of the Black Sea. ”

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