Izmir Bay Crossing is our most important project

Izmir Bay Crossing is our most important project: İzmir closely follows the projects of Transport Minister Arslan, et We will complete the project of the Gulf Crossing by the end of the year. Then we will start the tender process süre
Ahmet Arslan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, met with the representatives of the written and visual media together with the Izmir Governor Erol Ayyıldız at the Mövenpick Hotel, the AK Party Izmir deputies Kerem Ali Peris, Atilla Kaya, Hamza Dag and bureaucrats affiliated to his ministry. Minister Arslan said that the Gulf crossing project will be implemented both as a bridge and a dip tube and they will start the tender process until the end of the year. Minister Arslan made the following explanations for the other projects of the city: “The Gulf Crossing is our most important project. It is very important that it will relieve the traffic of İzmir by creating a ring. In terms of both technical aspects and usability, the transition we will make in the bay includes both a bridge and a sinking tube. The EIA process for this continues. We are carrying out the process together with our General Directorate of Highways, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Our expectation is to finish by the end of the year and then start the tender processes. There is a screening of the gulf we care about Izmir, which we care about, that the EIA period was approved in scanning the Alsancak Port. After that, the process of starting the dredging process, deepening the gulf and enabling larger ships to enter the port will begin. Especially there was an airport in Alaçatı. We want to turn it into an airport where there are more regional, small-bodied aircraft flights that have started in the past. We have finished all the expropriation processes. We are currently preparing their projects. We will make it there with the public private cooperation with the make-operate-transfer method. Hopefully, we are aiming to hit the pickaxe next summer. ” Arslan, who stated that the Izmir-Istanbul Highway project will be completed 26 kilometers by the end of the year, said, “We are about to finish the preparations of the Izmir-Ankara highway. We will do this with the make-operate-transfer method. At the end of 2019, we will meet Izmir with Ankara by high speed train. We are also doing the job of improving the existing line from İzmir to Balıkesir Bandırma with an electric signal. Extending İZBAN to Bergama in the north, extending to Selçuk in the south are the projects we care about. Sabuncubeli Tunnel is an important investment for Manisa and Izmir. Our Prime Minister cares very much. I know how our Prime Minister followed Izmir projects before becoming a deputy of Izmir. Obviously we will not leave it empty, ”he said.
Minister Arslan stated that they are working on two alternatives to prevent congestion at İZBAN's Alsancak station and said: “One of them is that the trains coming from Torbalı to Alsancak stay there and return to Menemen. 30 percent of the passenger lands there. If we remove a new train from Alsancak then 193 trains are running while 240 trains are running. In the current situation, the train will arrive in Alsancak and move its passenger to Menemen. While a train enters Alsancak, a train will continue to Menemen without entering a train. We will reduce the train interval time from 10 minutes to 5 minutes. We are working all this together with Büyükşehir. ”
Minister Arslan visited Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu in his office. Minister Arslan, who is at the service of İzmir residents with the good cooperation of the central government and local administrations, said, “An exemplary practice in terms of cooperation. Our goal is to serve. It is the requirement of the responsibility we take. We want to further develop our cooperation. We are trying to do this here, in Ankara and in the Assembly. We hope to reinforce our cooperation with you, "he said. Kocaoğlu gave Arslan the model of “Clock Tower”, the symbol of İzmir, in memory of the visit. For Arslan Clock Tower, “It is not only a symbol of Izmir, it is also a symbol of democracy.” gave place to his words.
Minister Arslan, who came to the Belevi Kozpınar location of Selçuk to investigate the works carried out between Torbalı and Selçuk, gave the good news that the new contractor company started to work and that the Torbalı-Selçuk İZBAN line will be opened on the day of the liberation of Selçuk on September 8, 2017.



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