İZBANda employees go on strike

📩 12/12/2018 18:05

Employees in İZBAN are on strike: There is a collective bargaining crisis in İZBAN, which carries out suburban transportation, which is one of the most important public transportation services in İzmir.
İZBAN A.Ş., in which the İzmir Branch of Demiryol-İş affiliated to Türk-İş and TCDD and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality are partners. No agreement was reached in the collective bargaining negotiations between the management. Demiryol-İş Union, which made a statement after the dispute in the collective agreement concerning 340 personnel, including mechanics, technicians, operators, accountants, and teller clerks, Izmir Metro A.Ş. He said that they received 33 percent less wage from their employees, and that the employer offered them a raise only at the rate of inflation. Stating that the İZBAN administration does not accept their own raise rates, the Demiryol İş Union announced that they decided to strike and that they will start to apply from 8 November. The union announced that they demanded 2010 TL for the machinist who got a job in 1904 and received 2375 TL today, 1666 TL for the teller, who received 1986 TL, 1958 TL for the technician who received 2418 TL, and 1678 TL for the operator who received 2172 TL.

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