German Traffic Technology Company IVI Turkey was Enters Sunday

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traffic signal

German Traffic Technology Company IVI Turkey was Enters Market: IVU Traffic Technologies AG has now also in Turkey's market. Kayseri Transportation Company, Kayseri Transport Inc., Sakarya University Civil Engineering faculty member Assoc. Dr. With the contribution of Hakan Güler, he purchased the standard IVU.plan and IVU.crew solutions for the planning of tram cars and mechanics from IVU.

Kayseri is among more than 1 million population and Turkey's 10 largest city and also an important industrial and commercial center of the country come to the fore. After the opening of the first line in 2009, the tram network is expanding day by day and now the 34-kilometer line has reached 55 stations. The public transportation operator of the city is Kayseri Transport A.Ş. will plan vehicle and mechanic personnel in the future with IVU.plan and IVU.crew modules.

IVU.plan includes all the functions necessary for users to create more efficient blocks and tasks. The system takes into account all legal and operational constraints, and many parameters are taken into account, such as maneuvering times, break rules, task types, badges. A smart suggestion function makes it easy to create suitable tasks. In assigning tasks to the machinists, the IVU.crew module also provides an automatic rule set control with the same suggestions, thus preventing the creation of schedules that violate the rules and regulations. Moreover, the whole system serves in Turkish. Thanks to IVU.xpress project management system, the whole system goes live within 6 months.

Kayseri Transportation Inc. Mr. Feyzullah Gündoğdu, General Manager, will have a proven standard fleet management system with IVU solution. Genel Iyor This system can provide us with the flexibility to expand our transportation network in the future. With the system expanding to include the entire public transport system, the IVU fleet management system will facilitate our operations and manage the system more effectively and efficiently in ensuring full integration between transport types. Gerçekleştir In addition to the existing tram system, Kayseri Transport is also carrying out all public transportation operations with 600 buses.

IVU Traffic Technologies AG Turkey Arslan Oytun responsible, "These projects are very pleased with our market entry into Turkey," he says. Acak Kayseri will be an important reference project for us. Continues at full speed public transport infrastructure investments in Turkey and in the future we expect new projects here. "Kayseri, innovation is one of the pioneer cities on public transport in Turkey. The city was awarded the UITP award last year with its own public transport financing method.

IVU Traffic Technologies AG, with over XnUMX years of experience and more than 40 engineers, strives for good public transport systems in world cities. In growing cities, people and vehicles are in constant motion, the solution is proven in intelligent and reliable software systems. With the standard public transport solutions of IVU, resources and vehicles are being planned and optimized, especially the vehicles and drivers around the world. The intelligent fleet control center continuously monitors the entire fleet and automatically generates solutions to the problems that arise; operators can directly communicate with the driver or passengers. passengers can be set up in real-time with various mobile applications on the internet or at stops and can plan their travels in advance, and complex ticket systems required for cities are successfully implemented. All this is done in a single integrated way.


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