Minister Ahmet Arslan opens Istanbul Airshow

📩 24/02/2019 15:37

Istanbul Airshowu Minister Ahmet Arslan opened: Istanbul Airshow's opening ceremony, which opened its doors this year for the 11, was held at the Atatürk Airport General Aviation Apron.

Ahmet Kemal Arslan, SHGM General Manager Bilal Eksi, Sierra Nevada Corporation Chief Executive Fatih Özmen DHMİ General Manager Funda Ocak, Sierra Nevada Corporation CEO Fatih Özmen, THY Chairman İlker Aycı, THY General Manager Kotil, TAV Airports Chief Executive Officer Sani Sener attended.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan said, “The aviation sector is probably the most important key in the coexistence of our region. An investment of 100 units in the aviation industry contributes to other branches of industry by producing a value added of 300 units. It also expresses prestige and trust in industrial production. ”

Minister Arslan said, “Our flight network has grown over 3 times. The number of countries we deal with has increased from 81 to 166 today. Our international flights increased to 115 in 282 countries. The number of aircraft has increased from 162 to 528. Behind this development, our president and prime minister support the sector within the framework of the policy "Air will be the way of the people".
THY Chairman of the Board of Directors Ilker Ayci said bir In a very difficult period, a great organization was signed. We are happy to be present in this organization for our country and world aviation. We, as Turkish Airlines, will continue to wave our flag around the world with pride. Stable growth in aviation 3. A mega project like the airport will move to another dimension. We have 3. We will maintain our stable growth at the airport. For the aviation industry, I think we can increase this growth a little more if everyone puts their hands on the move. Movements started in the numbers, and this is the footsteps of our return. We should now look at 2017 with hope and continue our work to further improve aviation, Artık he said.
Speaking at the opening ceremony, TAV Airports CEO Sani Şener stated that THY is a global brand and that TAV Airports will be the third brand in this sector where it is a global brand and will be TR-Jet.
Şener pointed out that the development of Istanbul Airshow had a direct impact on country aviation and stressed that it was very important to realize this organization.

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