The last ring on the Silk Silk Road opens at 2017

On the Silk Silk Road, the last link is opened in 2017: China's 3 1 will reduce the time of transport to Europe 95 of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Line, indicating that the completion of the 240 Transport Minister Ahmet Arslan, transported from China to the west by sea annually even so 10 XNUMX million tons of cargo noted that it is important for Turkey to pass this even
Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan stated that the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) Railway Project, the construction of which started in 2008, will be implemented at the beginning of the year, and that 95% of the project, which was lost for two years due to legal processes, was completed. In Turkey, 28 million tonnes of cargo per year is transported by rail (handling) voicing Minister Arslan, the importance of the project, he said the following words: "Only Kazakhstan has committed to providing 10 million tons of cargo a year on this line. Turkmenistan also cares about this line. The amount of cargo China wants to send to the West by sea is 240 million tons annually. Most of this can be carried by train. It goes between 45 and 62 days by sea. When BTK is over, this period decreases to 12 to 15 days for Europe. In about 3, 4 in 1 time… There is an economic benefit it brings. Even 240 percent of the 10 million tons and will take a load up trailers handled in Turkey. BTK has such an importance. Initially, 6,5 million tons of cargo is targeted. In the medium term (10-15 years), we expect the load carried on this line to increase to 35 million tons. ”
Ahmet Arslan stated that there is a need for logistics center for the distribution and loading of the burden coming with BTK. We will receive offers on this month's 26. Bu Logistic center will be a complex of maintenance and repair of trains will be recorded Arslan, the logistics center to be built next to the industry will be a plant size of 350 thousand square meters, the project will cost an estimated 100 million TL, he said.
Kazlıçeşme- in EuropeHalkalıIn Anatolia, it will be completed at the end of 2018 and will be integrated into Marmaray. Arslan pointed out that due to BTK project, Marmaray's capacity will be insufficient after a period of time. Also recently started from Gebze and YSS Bridge 3. Airport and HalkalıArslan, who emphasized that they will leave the railway tender which will be connected to the main line from there to Europe, will be in this year.
1915, the largest with foot opening
Minister Ahmet Arslan said that he will be announced at the end of this month in Çanakkale Bridge. Our goal is to hit the dig in the 18 2017. X Çanakkale 1915, 2023 meters with the world's largest foot opening bridge that expresses Arslan, on the bridge, Osman Gazi and Yavuz Sultan Selim said the model will be applied.
Warranty figure will be exceeded on bridges
Minister Ahmet Arslan, Osman Gazi and Yavuz Sultan Selim (YSS) bridges initially predicted that the figure is captured. 40 bin in Osmangazi 135 thousand vehicles, YSS'da expressed that the guarantee of the Lion, üy Osman Gazi 15 thousand cars in anticipation of the 20 bin, YSS'da 50 thousand vehicles despite the expectation of the 110 thousand vehicles pass a day. The guarantee figure will be exceeded with the traffic that will occur over time in the bridges Kö.
We want a new model in Kanal
Minister Arslan stated that they have finished working on all alternatives in Kanal Istanbul and said: Bakan We try to make a financing model. If we discuss the Build-Operate-Transfer, we want to create a new model here. We want to put forward a new model that will be more mixed and exemplary. We are examining all alternatives about the route Güz.

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