International Caucasus-Central Asia Foreign Trade and Logistics Congress started

International Caucasus-Central Asia International Trade and Logistics Congress began: International Caucasus-Central Asia International Trade and Logistics Congress was held at Atatürk University.
Following the opening ceremony at the Nenehatun Cultural Center, the Chairman of the International Association of Transport and Logistics Service Cavit Uğur, Kyrgyzstan Manas University Faculty Member. Dr. Cusup Pirimbayev, International Transporters Association Chairman of the Executive Board Fatih Şener, Atılım University Faculty Member. Dr. Nevzat Saygılıoğlu, Erciyes University Faculty Member Dr. Rıfat Yıldız joined Ozan Gündüz from Northeast Anatolia Development Agency as a panelist.
President of the Congress stating that the logistics center will be Turkey's Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty Member and Chair of the Department of International Trade and Logistics Dr. Fehim Bakırcı, yer Industrialization, production, quality and performance, as well as foreign trade and logistics between the important elements of global competitiveness has begun to take place more and more. Foreign trade is the lifeblood of developments in the field of logistics especially in recent years, Turkey's geostrategic importance, as it constitutes a huge economic potential to strengthen their economic and political position. East-West, North-South geo-strategic transport corridor located in Turkey, that the special geographical location of the most important actors on the world trade logistics has the potential to be one. The geography of Anatolia, which carried out world trade through Silk through the centuries, displays the will of being the logistics center of the region with the right steps today. Yüzyıl



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