German Railways Raise Deutsche Bahn Train Trains

Deutsche Bahn Deutsche Bahn Removes Car Trains: Bringing together the railroad by road… The German Railways Deutsche Bahn has survived to this day. However, it is finally coming to an end. The last car train will depart from Hamburg-Altona on October 31, 2016.
Extremely comfortable
An environmentally friendly journey with your own car from the north of Germany to the south, without road stress. Though such a trip with Deutsche Bahn is not so cheap. Two adults, two children 370 euro from Hamburg-Altona to Switzerland. In a sleeper, this figure reaches 800 euros. The next day, passengers can continue their journey rested with their cars.

Old idea
The idea of ​​carrying passengers with their carriages on freight trains was already implemented in 1833. The above image was drawn by Friedrich List (1789-1846). Liberal economic theorists struggled to lift customs borders and expand the rail network. The rapid transport of people and goods was seen as a strong lever of 'national prosperity and civilization'.

Good trips
This photo from 1938 shows the loading of a car on the train. In Germany, people have been able to go on holiday with their cars by train for 86 years. The first train, carrying a passenger, went from Hamburg to Basel on April 1, 1930. This luxury facility was in great demand in the 1960s.

International journey
In the photograph dated February 25, 1960, a car train was displayed at the northern entrance of the Simplon tunnel in Switzerland. Including time in Germany as well as France, Italy, Greece, brought to life many international connections as well as Hungary and Turkey. Travel between Berlin and Istanbul at that time took 28 hours.

OPEC effect
He almost hit the railroad. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) carried 1973 thousand 185 cars in 500 in 15, which reduced oil supply. 145 was the 400 bin passenger with the next figure XNUMX thousand cars and motorcycles for years.

According to the statement of the German railways, the demand for car trains has been in decline and since 1996 the company has kazandoes not rise. In time, almost all expeditions were abolished. Only Hamburg-Munich and Hamburg-Lörrach remained. Austrian railways still carry vehicles between Vienna-Hamburg and Vienna-Düsseldorf with night services.

Critics say that the railroads have been carrying passengers in the narrow and winding old cabins and beds for years, so the popularity of the trains has been reduced. However, there is another fact that passengers are now heading to airlines that provide cheap flights and where they are renting cars during the need.

Night flights depart
German railways are not only removing trains with cars as of October. At the end of the year, night flights will also be terminated. Because they too kazandoes not rise. Rationale: Trains are more than 40 years old and require new investments. On the other hand, Austrian railways are increasing their night trips on German lines.

However, the German railways do not intend to give up on an expedition in any way. There is only one rail line and no motorway to mainland Germany's most popular holiday island, Sylt. That's why cars are transported to the island by train. Increasingly kazanit's a hard job. However, at least private companies have undertaken the operation of other car train services within Germany.

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