The future of Rail Systems

The future of the rail system was discussed in Konya: The Metropolitan Municipality of Konya, 9. hosted the meeting. Speaking at the meeting, the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality Hasan Kılca, Konya and 31 together with the New Metropolitan Law in the transportation of smoothly conveyed that they expressed the future of the rail system is bright, he said.
All the Rail System Operators Association (TÜRSİD) Operating Commission 9. meeting was hosted by Konya. Accidents on city rail systems and rail system regulations were discussed at the meeting.
Speaking at the opening of the meeting Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Hasan Kılca, the New Metropolitan Law, giving information about the municipality as a municipality without enacting a planned study of the law did not encounter any difficulties in the said.
He added that they attach importance to environmental, economic, safe and fast investments related to public transportation in Konya. Lar We planned our investments in this way. For example, cycling routes have passed 400 kilometers across Konya. A regulation came out recently about cycling routes in the city. In these regulations, Konya was taken as a sample. As an environmental investment in public transportation, we have turned most of our buses into natural gas vehicles. To prevent damage to historical monuments in the city center, 12 first time in Turkey in order to disrupt the visual one gives battery tram service. A significant distance passes in a way that doesn't cate.
Reminding that the first rail system in Anatolia was implemented in Konya, Kılca said that the future of the rail system is bright.
We took the example of KONYA in RAIL SYSTEM
Giving information about the activities of the association, General Secretary of TÜRSİD Aysun Durna stated that they took the example of Konya in the rail system works carried out in Bursa and said D We have not forgotten the contribution of Konya to Bursa. 2001 was one of the businesses we visited in the year. Konya, one of the first rail system in Turkey, "he said.
Konya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department Head Mustafa Eşgi attended the meeting and presentations were made about the developments in the rail system enterprises. TÜRSİD members from various cities attending the meeting will also conduct inspections with battery trams in the Alaaddin-Adliye line.

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