Esenyurta metro lottery

Esenyurta metro lottery: Istanbul 2018 4 150 800 premiere 4 premiere 500 premium in a year developed. Square meters prices of one thousand 17 pounds XNUMX thousand XNUMX pounds rose to. Bulut's Executive Vice President Bulut told a Saudi investor that they sold XNUMX apartments.
In Istanbul, Beylikdüzü-Esenyurt area has made a premium of 40 with the effect of the subway line that will be opened in 2018. Investment in the region with the investment of 150 million pending Önay Life Residence Project CEO Investment CEO Ömer Bulut, thousand square meters of 120 thousand thousand 800 thousand pounds 4 thousand 4 pounds said that the level.
Giving information about Beylikdüzü-Esenyurt region and their new investments, Bulut stated that Esenbahçe, which was the first housing project of Önay Group, was delivered at 2006 and that it was followed by Önay Garden Residence which consists of one thousand units. Bulut said, Esenyurt When we founded the company in 2005, the location was Beylikdüzü-Esenyurt. In this location, we have won a company that proved itself. Bu After that, Önay Investment Partnership, which is a partnership between Önay Group and Tuna Home-Office, said that Önay Life Residence project started in Beylikdüzü-Esenyurt which is one of the rapidly developing settlements of Istanbul, announced that the investment value in this project is 120 million lira. "This is our 465 unit, 442 housing and 23 commercial unit." Our goal is the 180 million turnover expectation. Here we have a residential block of 29 floors and a block of commercial units with 3 floors. The 30 will have a cruise terrace on the sixth floor where stars will be monitored. 2018 In May, I hope to start the turnkey. We have already reached the sales of 110 units ünite.
Pointing out that the Mahmutbey-Esenyurt metro line is also expected to be opened on the delivery dates, Bulut said, "Customers who come to us ask this too." Ömer Bulut, who pointed out that Önay Life Residence in the region is within walking distance of the state hospital and 100 meters from the metro, gave the following information about the real estate values ​​that make a premium with the metro line in the region: “When we delivered the project in 2012, the square meter prices were at the level of 800. While buying land in 2015, we saw 3 thousand lira figures. There was no subway tender at that time. Today, we see a figure of 4 thousand -4 thousand 500 liras. "
Ömer Bulut stated that they applied an interest-free system in house sales. Y We do 30 lending for months without talking about the interest in the company. 99'ye percent of sales I can say the deed, "he said. Bulut, who explained that he has projects, started his urban transformation project in Yeşilköy and added: Kend 40 is a transformational project in Yeşilköy. We had 32 owners here, all of them. We have started construction on March 2015 and will be delivered to eligible owners in March 2017. Mart


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