e-RAIL Project started pilot training

📩 12/12/2018 17:42

Pilot trainings started in e-RAIL Project: Railway employees will be supported by e-training
The pilot trainings of the e-RAIL Project, which was carried out entirely within the scope of the Erasmus + Program of the Railway Construction and Operation Personnel Solidarity and Solidarity Association (YOLDER), was carried out with the resources of the European Union. Stating that they have signed an exemplary study in the field of vocational education, YOLDER Chairman Özden Polat said, CD In the last two years, we have started to take the worth of our efforts together with our partners and our associate institutions, especially TCDD. The distance learning modules implemented in the field of vocational education will bring a great innovation to the sector by eliminating the education gap. Turkey gave support at every stage of the project implementation from the writing of our National Agency also encouraged us to put forward new projects. I believe that all non-governmental organizations should produce innovative projects by taking these supports behind. Tüm
Within the scope of Erasmus + Program of the Railway Construction and Operation Personnel Solidarity and Solidarity Association (YOLDER), the + e-RAIL Yardım vocational training project, supported by the European Commission, was finalized. Within the scope of the project which has been going on for about two years, the infrastructure of the distance education platform in line with the National Vocational Qualification criteria for railway maintenance and repairers has been established and on-line test training has been started. The aim of this course is to verify and disseminate the new training approach developed with the pilot courses organized between 3-3 October 14 in the Directorate of TCDD 2016.
Turkey's National Agency under a program managed by the European Commission by 2014 call for proposals during the only project adopted from Izmir, E-RAIL, especially the learned professions informal way but getting the certificate of necessity due to receive training requirements contained about 10 thousand railway maintenance and repair to eliminate the education deficit and it will bring a great innovation to the sector.
The growing railroad industry said the rapid increase in the need for qualified personnel on the road is Chairman Ozden Parker, "Our project is primarily in Turkey to further improve the level of education of all railway workers with around railway construction workers on the way members and our country the high standards of the railways of the European Union was aimed at adaptation. We are happy to be close to our high targets such as completing vocational qualification reforms at national level, supporting modernization of education and training systems, increasing competence and skill level of railway construction personnel and strengthening the international dimension of vocational education and training. Within the scope of our E-RAIL project, we had an efficient working period with our partners for nearly two years. We organized meetings, workshops, and now our ongoing pilot course, which was the face of our project. Railway Construction, Maintenance and Repairer (Level 3) We have revealed our training program, e-learning modules and training implementation guidelines for Vocational Qualifications, and we have completed the applications for the use of the program to the General Directorate of the Ministry of National Education's Support to Lifelong Learning. We started distance education with demo applications on the internet. With the completion of our pilot course, we will identify our deficiencies and demonstrate the sustainability of our program. Pilot
What is the e-RAIL project?
Construction Railway Construction of Vocational Training E-Learning Platform de (e-RAIL) (Railway Construction Vocational Training E-Learning Platform) Project YOLDER Erzincan Refahiye Vocational High School, as well as Italian GCF German Vossloh companies are supporting. Yoldere the grant received by the Erasmus + program in our country, the Ministry of the European Union, the European Union Education and Youth Programs Center Presidency, Turkey is managed by the National Agency.
The e-RAIL project, implemented entirely with European Union funds, aims to establish a new and modern educational approach based on lifelong learning, which can be used by the railway staff, vocational high school and vocational school students by building the infrastructure of the On-line training platform in the railway sector.
"This project Ministry of the European Union, the Presidency of the EU Education and Youth Programs Center (National Agency of Turkey, http://www.ua.gov.tr) under the Erasmus + Program and the grant from the European Commission. Turkey, however, the opinions contained herein shall not be liable National Agency or the European Commission. "

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