Why Doğançay-Sapanca YHT Path Is Changed

Why Doğançay-Sapanca YHT Route Has Been Changed: In the Sakarya Metropolitan October Assembly, the MHP group voted to change the YHT railway project between Doğançay-Sapanca in article 25.
Evaluating the issue in the parliament, MHP Group Deputy Chairman Erkal Etçioğlu said, "Why does the route pass through the stream bed?"
Speaking at the parliamentary meeting on the issue, MHP group vice chairman Erkan Etçioğlu stated that they had discussed the issue for a month and said, “I asked the Ministry about the YHT route change but I did not get an enlightening answer in this regard. We want to find out for what reason the YHT's route was changed. There are allegations that some changes were made with commercial motives. Why does the route pass through the stream bed when Sapanca has an existing route? Who will account for any accidents in the future? We saw the accelerated train disaster in Pamukova. We, as the MHP group, vote for this article. ”

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