Çayyolu Metro Base will extend

Çayyolu Metro will be extended to the basement: Sincan Mayor Mustafa Tuna stated that they had been negotiating with Ministry of Transportation officials regarding the extension of Çayyolu Metro to Temelli and said: iye Project works are beginning. At least, the route of the project is certain that the construction in the region should be done accordingly En.
Mayor of Sincan Mustafa Tuna gave information about the extension of the Çayyolu Metro, which will provide access to Temelli by subway. Stating that the project route will provide convenience for the construction, President Tuna said: Temel We have recently met with the officials of the Ministry of Transport on the way of Çayyolu Metro to go to Temelli. Project work begins. At least, the route of the project is certain that the construction in the region should be done accordingly. In the first stage, they do the section up to Turkuaz Residences and Çankaya University. Because there is potential for a passenger there. Çünkü
President Tuna stated that the state hospital to be built by the relevant ministries, the swimming pool with the Yenikent Suburb and indoor sports hall projects will start in 2017, and that the municipality will return to the construction site with the cultural palace, city square and stadium projects to be implemented by the municipality as well.
With the completion of the projects, Tuna stated that some of the main problems of the district will be solved. Lar The works of Yenikent suburb, imam hatip high school, culture palace, indoor sports hall, hospital, swimming pool and statium construction will start in 2017. Hopefully in the absence of a mishap in 2017 Sincan will become a construction site. All of these projects end in this period, Bu he said.
On the other hand, the land taken from FETÖ Sincan State Hospital 420 bed will be done expressing President Tuna, Fatih Neighborhood, 2 thousand 20 indoor sports hall will be added to the personality. . We are starting the construction of the cultural center and the indoor sports hall to be built in Fatih Quarter. We will try to finish the tender work in this winter season and in March or April, we will try to build the foundation. This place will be a hall of about 2 bin 20 personality. This hall can also be a separate meeting room 4. There will be a multi-purpose hall. We will also carry the Culture Directorate of Sincan Municipality. Here again, there will be a conference hall with 350 personality. Yine



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