Description of interesting rail system in Trabzon

Description of interesting rail system in Trabzon
8 years later though yıl Beautiful project X
Canalioğlu: In the 2008, we signed the first signature with Davut Çakır. But they canceled our project. After 8 years, it's nice to see the Rail System.
Volkan Canalioğlu from the CHP said that the first signature of the light rail system project was that he was taken over by the Mayor 8 years ago. Es We took the first signature together with the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality Davut Çakır. Our project has not found rantabıl and we have been prosecuted on the grounds that we have abused our office. Proj
Indicating that the tender for the Trabzon Light Rail System was a late decision, Canalioglu said: ancak A beautiful project should be implemented between Of Beşikdüzü and the monorail system. Trabzon

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