Founder of Çamlık Train Museum, Mısırlıoğlu lost his life

The founder of Çamlık Train Museum Mısırlıoğlu lost his life: Atilla Misirlioglu, one of the most beloved businessmen of Selcuk district, and also providing great investment in tourism by implementing the Camlik Train Museum, lost his life due to a heart attack.
Summerhouse in the neighborhood of Turkey's Selcuk district, only one of the businessmen who loved life and Selcuk Europe's No. locomotive museum spent Atilla Mısırlıoğlu died of a heart attack.
While the law drowned the deaths of Mısırlıoğlu's sudden death, Seljuk also created great sorrow. Businessman Atilla Misirlioglu, who is married and has a child, will be buried in the family graveyard of Camlik Neighborhood following the afternoon prayer that will be held in Selcuk Tahsinaga Mosque today.


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