Bus Transformation and New Public Transport System 1 January 2017de

Bus Transformation and New Public Transport System 1 January 2017de: Speaking at the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Council, President Menderes Türel said ş We will conduct the new public transportation of Antalya as of 1 January 2017 Otobüs.
Antalya Metropolitan Municipality October assembly council was held yesterday (ASAT) in Antalya Water and Wastewater Administration. 32 agenda items were discussed in the parliament chaired by Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel. Mayor Türel said that 500 buses can be sufficient with a good line arrangement in order to provide public transportation in the center of Antalya. Stating that 40 minibuses are needed for the countryside, Türel said, “Let's say minibus owners united and brought 12 buses of 300 meters. We will say to those people, 'Become a company and get the 200 buses you need'. If they cannot, we will step in as a municipality. ”
Priority trades
Stating that they will implement the new system in public transportation in a very short time, Türel continued as follows; “As of January 1, 2017, we will carry out Antalya's new public transportation. We have given priority to the tradesmen about public transportation. If the tradesman says, "We do not want a bus, I will go to the minibus" and he may be. But we need 40 vans. My suggestion is to return to the buses. After installing the system in Antalya, we will do a similar application for Alanya, Manavgat and Kemer. ”
New proposal from CHP
Explaining his views on transportation on behalf of the CHP, Mustafa Reşat Oktay said that it is everyone's desire to transform the transportation structure into a modern structure in Antalya. Oktay, who wants to extend the time of converting minibuses into buses for transportation tradesmen, said, “Take the opposition between you and we will create projects suitable for transportation. We will be constructive. ” CHP's Recep Tokgöz also proposed that 12-meter vehicles, which are preferred by the municipality, will block Antalya traffic, and instead of buying 9-meter vehicles.
Not last, starting
Evaluating the CHP's proposal, President Menderes Türel said that the decision of the transportation shopkeepers is not an end, but a beginning. Türel said, “We wanted to learn how many of the tradesmen want to return to the bus. We will start a new study according to the requests. We will take our decision as if those who did not sign prefer a 14-person minibus. The time will not be extended, but maybe we can add the weekend to this time. ”
New bus station area
Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel said that they will bring Antalya a new bus station. Stating that they have determined Döşemealtı for the new bus station, Türel said, “We have a new bus station work with smart architecture. We will move the current bus station to our location in Döşemealtı. ” It has been unanimously agreed that the name of the 'Antalya Film Support Fund Award', which was given within the scope of the International Antalya Film Festival in the Metropolitan Council, was changed to 'Antalya Support Fund Sumer Tilmaç Award'. President Türel stated that Sümer Tilmaç is a precious friend and said, “Sümer Tilmaç is a name that Antalya boasts. This award we named Tilmaç is not an ordinary award. With this award, we ensure filming in Antalya. With this award, Tilmaç will continue filming in Antalya. ” Before the assembly meeting, the members gave fingerprints for the voting to be used in the parliament in the new city hall.



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