Air cargo transportation from Bursa business world

Air cargo transportation move from Bursa business world: Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) Logistics Sector Council continues to work for the opening of Yenişehir Airport to 'air cargo' transportation.
Representatives of the logistics sector came together at the council meeting at the Altıparmak service building. BCCI Board Member Aytuğ Honor, new airports in Turkey, highway projects and the high-speed train network with the logistics sector offers great contribution to the interconnection of metropolitan said. Aytuğ Onur, who stated that the Technology Organized Industrial Zone, which they completed the establishment process as soon as BTSO, will make a great contribution to the advanced technology and value added production. In TEKNOSAB, with its logistic advantages and advanced technology production center, is a great contribution to the export and value added production of our country and not only to our region but also to our country. he will deliver. sun
BCCI President Hasan Çepni Logistics Sector Council, Bursa will continue to work to become one of Turkey's most important logistics centers, he said. Hasan Çepni stated that they wanted Bursa as the council to get the share it deserves from the logistics sector and emphasized that they aim to organize a summit in 2017 year.
Hasan Çepni stated that Yenişehir Airport has a great potential in air cargo transportation and emphasized that this potential of the airport should be evaluated. Hasan Çepni said that Yenişehir Airport will be more efficient with air cargo transportation. Al Yenişehir Airport, where the cargo building and 8 cold stores are located, has the potential of 24 hours domestic and international cargo transportation. Our runway at the airport is suitable for cargo planes. Bursa is an important center in the export of fresh fruits and vegetables. Air cargo transportation will also contribute to the rapid access of our products to the world. In this respect, we demand that air cargo transportation take place immediately in Yenişehir Airport. Air cargo transportation, our products will be able to reach abroad faster by providing faster exports to the city, Hava he said.
Hasan Eken, Regional Director of Customs and Trade in Uludağ, stated that there is a need for temporary storage center in Yenişehir Airport. Burulaş General Manager Levent Fidansoy 3. 250 said that a cargo base was planned for the company to carry cargo. kargo Yenişehir Airport should be opened to air cargo transportation. Especially the cold storage advantage. We're not late in this issue, ”he said.

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