BUDOyu sentenced to 50 square meters in Eminönü

📩 12/12/2018 17:39

They sentenced BUDO to 50 square meters in Eminönü: Everything is in the middle ... Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, BUDO also used Kabataş The issue has not been resolved since it announced it would close its pier on 10 August to organize its surroundings.
As the readers of these pages know; Kabataş With the announcement that the Pier will be closed, İDO will go to the nearest Beşiktaş Pier, and the Katip Çelebi Pier in Eminönü was shown for BUDO.
So what…
On the Katip Çelebi Pier, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kültür A.Ş. operates a bookstore called Istanbul Bookstore. The pier could not be delivered because the bookstore was not emptied. BUDO also offers Kabataşcontinued from.
KabataşWhen the surrounding of the pier in Istanbul was surrounded by a wooden curtain, passengers who came with a suitcase had a problem.
During the negotiations between Bursa and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipalities, the solution of the problem was always discussed, but when Istanbul did not deliver the place, the result was not found.
It was reported that the bookstore at Katip Çelebi Pier would not come out, and the 50 square meter next to BUDO was asked to use the area as a passenger terminal. Toilets were shown to the restrooms of the mosque opposite the road.
He also stopped the police which led BUDO to do what he wanted to do.
Actually u
We are very curious about when the pier problem in Istanbul will be solved.

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