Eurasia Tunnel toll will be 4 dollars plus VAT ... This will be paid in Turkish currency with OGS and HGS

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The Eurasia Tunnel toll will be 4 dollars plus VAT… This will be paid in Turkish money with OGS and HGS: Transport Minister Ahmet Arslan answered the questions of the press members in the Eurasia Tunnel. Aslan stated that the tunnel toll fee is $ 4 plus VAT, while all kinds of security measures were taken in the tunnel. Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş, who used the tunnel, made the first payment during the passage through the tunnel and gave 200 TL to Minister Arslan.
The first 'eagerly awaited' Eurasia Tunnel Project, which was tendered by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Directorate General of Infrastructure Investments (AYGM) on the Kazlıçeşme-Göztepe line with the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model and the construction works are being carried out by Yapı Merkezi and SK E&C partnership. automobile travel 'took place.
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who visited the Eurasia Tunnel where the 20 7 day 24 watches were launched with the utmost excitement, started to operate in December. He passed by car from under the sea floor to Asia and to the European side. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, along with Prime Minister Binali Yildirim and the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan came to the Eurasia Tunnel construction site, and the European side of Erdogan from the bottom of the sea had passed by car. Minister of Transport Ahmet Arslan also examined the Eurasian Tunnel with members of the press. Kadir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, paid the first payment to the Minister Arslan by paying 200.
Arslan then answered the questions of the press members in the Tunel.
Minister Arslan, anım We hosted our President, the Prime Minister. We made the first pass. Moreover, starting from here to Çatladıkapı, the President and President of the Republic of Turkey carried out the car with his own vehicle. We are also having difficulty in describing our happiness. As an engineer, I have the happiness. In the past we were watching with envy the great projects that some countries had done. But now we have become the talk of major projects in Turkey that followed the envy of the world, one in which we found the entrance Eurasia Tunnel today. Being a first in the world due to the fact that the sea passes under the 106 meter, being a record, and with the 13.7 meter-wide CPC machine again, the average 8-10 meters have a larger tunnel in the world in terms of creating a record in the form of a rapidly opened tunnel, but this speed has been No work done, both finished. An example in this sense. Bu
He also touched upon the contribution of the Eurasia Tunnel to the historical peninsula. Of course, if you think of the 5.4-kilometer tunnel from Asia to Europe and the sea from Göztepe to Kazlıçeşme, it is an important project together with the total connection roads of approximately 15 kilometers, but we are not only connecting two continents under the sea. I think the historical peninsula is very important for us. It is very important for the historical peninsula to pass the traffic movement under the sea to the historical peninsula and to reduce the negative effects on the historical texture. Above all, you might say saving time, you can say fuel saving. You can say less greenhouse gas in terms of carbon dioxide emissions, but at least they are as important as reducing the negative impact on the historical peninsula. And yet he managed the Eurasia Tunnel Make-Operate-Transfer model in Turkey in recent years is a very good example in terms of projects. Leri It is a project that has been implemented by using private sector dynamics without using public resources. Özel
”The cost of the tunnel will be 4 Dollars plus VAT“
Upon the question of the passage of the tunnel, Minister Arslan said, ta The President of the Eurasia Tunnel has once again emphasized once again the President of Turkey, and 20 will be in the service of our people on December. It is true that it will be a two-way fee because of its being a Build-Operate-Transfer model project. And again according to our contract will be 4 dollar plus VAT. However, the dollar's annual strain in question, 20 will make its calculations in December. 1 is based on the dollar rate in February every year by adding strain and VAT. 1 The dollar in February will set the price for that day. And according to him, of course, our people are paying in Turkish lira but not in advance, HGS and OGS will also work here as integrated with these systems. Therefore, with the help of HGS and OGS, this tunnel will be spent in the form of Turkish money. The fee will be revised annually Ücret.
Aslan said, X Both OGS and HGS are going to pass through the same toll booths, but more importantly, our speed limit in this tunnel is 70 kilometers. Therefore, the number of vehicles entering the tunnel according to the speed of the 70 and 120-130 XNUMX thousand vehicles that we expect at the beginning of all our work shows that. We are planning a plan where these vehicles can easily pass and there will be no disruption. Within the framework of this planning, there will be two shortcomings, two of which are going to be in tolls, or I wouldn't have a problem because HGS, OGS transit would be integrated with these two lanes. We will be able to provide the Eurasia Tunnel without any congestion, but with a certain flow. Bu
”All kinds of security measures were taken“
The Minister of Transport Arslan, in order to prevent damage to the historical peninsula in the construction of the latest technology used in tunnel construction and taken the necessary measures, in connection with the security measures in the tunnel, tedbir the failure of any vehicle in the Eurasia Tunnel, if the end of fuel 600 meters at a vehicle where the side can stand summons This is a measure in this sense. The second is the continuous electronic systems inside the tunnel, which will be constantly followed by each side. In any place, the mishap will give an immediate signal if there is a movement outside the normal. In the middle of the tunnel we will have a permanent team that can intervene. There will be teams at both ends. There will also be crossings at the 200 meter where people can switch to a lower tunnel if needed. Especially important in terms of air cleaning. Due to the 106 meter code in the middle of our tunnel, there is a forced ventilation, but other than that, we will have all kinds of fans. Ventilation. In any way, no need ventilation and lighting, here do not allow a situation that can affect human psychology, Herhangi he said.
Topbaş gave the first toll
Kadir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, made the first paid pass from the Eurasia Tunnel. Transportation Minister Ahmet Aslan 200 lend the steering wheel from top of the topbaş, conveyed his wishes for auspicious. Minister Aslan said that the fee was 4 Dollars plus VAT but the Mayor Topbaş was a bearer, and he gave it to the officials for raising the money to the museum.
Minister of Transport Ahmet Aslan showed the journalists the tunnel and took a souvenir photo at the deepest point.

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