Antalya Sarısu Tünektepe Cable Car Project Has Been Completed

Tunektepe Teleferik
Tunektepe Teleferik

Antalya Sarısu Tünektepe cable car project has reached the completion stage: Sarısu Tünektepe Cable Car in Antalya is starting manned tests. The Tünektepe project integrated with the cable car will be the new symbol of the city. Projects that will increase the attraction of Antalya city center as a tourist attraction are completed and implemented. Sarısu Tünektepe cable car project, which has been a dream of Antalya for many years, has reached the stage of completion. Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel announced that the manned test drives of the cable car, which will carry 618 people per hour from Tünektepe to Antalya's 1250 altitude point, will start in a few days.


After the completion of the Tünektepe Cable Car, which will bring the people who will take the cable car from Sarısu beach to the unique Antalya view within a few minutes, the project will start to be the new symbol of Antalya in Tünektepe. Citizens and tourists can be used in conjunction with the ropeway of a cruise terrace will be implemented immediately.


Antalya Metropolitan Municipality's 6 million 950 thousand TL to the tender of the ropeway project, one of the 43 9 Xnumx meters from Sarisu Tünektepe was planted and line was taken. Unmanned test drives were carried out by installing 36 cabins that will carry passengers on the ropeway line. 1250 passenger cabinets will move 8 from Sarısu to Tünektepe per hour. A total of 6 thousand 10 meters were drawn between two stations for the cable car.


Ip With the completion of these phases, the system will be reviewed and approved by an internationally accredited independent organization, uluslararası he said. Then, with the reports to be issued by the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers and the Metropolitan Municipality, an operating license will be obtained. Then the passengers will begin to carry, Sonr he said.


Participating in the ATSO meeting of the Assembly meeting, the President Türel said that when the Tünektepe Project is completed, it will become the new symbol and symbol of Antalya. Türel, f Mediterranean monk seals in the project round the sphere. Orange sphere in the middle of 3 grain Mediterranean monk seal. The hotel in Tünektepe will be protected with 80 rooms. The orange cocoon will be located immediately above the lobby. There will be day trip terrace and sightseeing areas. This project was drawn by an architect from Antalya. Our lift ends. We will be able to offer service in the form of tea coffee in the outskirts of the ropeway. We will transform Tünektepe into a center of attraction by creating a postcard image. T


Türel emphasized that the city center's share of tourism will increase with the investments made and said layan When we came to office, we said Yap That tourist will enter this shop Yap. We continue our investments in this direction. Bu Türel emphasized that the East Garage to be completed in 2018, 10 will take the tender in November, Boğaçayı Project, pedestrianization of the streets, the Balbey Project which will make the region new Kaleiçi, and the Cruise Port will take the steps. President Türel explained that the road map will be revealed with the Master Plan which will be announced soon. Türel Cumhuriyet Square will be enlarged and the Kaleiçi Marina will be a haunting destination for rich yachts, he added.

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