Ankara YHT station scheduled flights start tomorrow

Scheduled flights start tomorrow at Ankara YHT Station: Scheduled flights start tomorrow at Ankara YHT Station, which was opened by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.
Ankara YHT Train Station will enrich the capital's architecture and start its scheduled flights tomorrow.
existing important place in the history and culture of Turkey built untouched Ankara YHT Station Ankara Train Station, with connections to the Ankaray was planned to be transferring to BAŞKENTRAY and Keçiören subway.
Built by TCDD for the first time with the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model and completed in 2 years, the station will be operated by the Ankara Train Station (ATG) for 19 years and 7 months and will be transferred to TCDD by 2036.
In Ankara YHT Station, which includes speed, dynamism and modern architecture and has an investment value of 235 million dollars, 50 thousand 644 square meters of it was reserved as a commercial area. Garda has 134 hotel rooms, 12 leasable offices and 217 leasable commercial spaces.
The 50 platform and 8 railway line, male and female masjids, shopping malls and shopping malls, where the 12 YHT set can be built at the same time in the basement of the new 3 floor which is built to serve the daily 6 thousand passengers, has technical areas belonging to the hotel.
2 dedicated to parking services. and 3. in the basement there is a parking lot for a thousand 250 vehicles. Cargo, hotel, offices, VIP, restaurant, cafe, commercial areas such as the entrance of commercial areas and cargo area of ​​the TCDD is located on the ground floor. The 27 work office, 23 left-luggage office, 1 entrusted office, and commercial units, including one with a disability, total 1 ticket office, are available.

  1. On the second floor, there are commercial units such as TCDD's offices, shops and cafes, while a 2-room hotel, fast food units, commercial areas and 38 meeting rooms are offered on the 2nd floor. On the 3rd floor, there is a 47-room hotel, office and 1 multi-purpose halls, with 48 rooms and 2 suite, while the 4th floor consists of a 47-room hotel and office, with 2 rooms and 49 suites.

Ankara YHT Station has a total parking capacity of 850 vehicles, of which 60 are closed and 910 are open.
Allocated areas for TCDD services
A total area of ​​5 square meters was allocated to TCDD services at Ankara YHT Station, a total of 690 ticket sales booths, 1 of which is disabled, 27 work offices and a parking lot for 28 vehicles, 2 of which belong to the disabled. The area in question also includes a consultation, meeting room, staff rest room, dining hall, waiting room, lost property unit, kitchen and storage unit, technical room, material and cleaning room, dispatcher room, control room and on-duty manager room.

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