Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station Opens

Where is Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station? How to get to Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station?
Where is Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station? How to get to Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station?

📩 28/11/2021 11:25

Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station is opening: Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station, which reflects today's architectural understanding, opens on October 29, 2016. European high-speed rail operators in the sixth with Turkey, another project is more complete.

New Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station, whose construction has been largely terminated, has been illuminated. The project is planned to be raised on October 29.

There will be 8 pcs platform and 3 high speed train line in XHTX. Ankara YHT Terminal will be transferred to TCDD after 6 year 19 monthly operation period.


The project was prepared by considering national and international standards. The structure, layout, operation and operation of the high-speed railway stations in other countries was examined and a project that symbolizes the dynamism of the city, reflecting today's architectural approach to the YHT Station, was revealed.


It is connected with Ankaray, Batıkent Metro, Başkent, Sincan Metro, Keçiören Metro and Airport Metro and it is aimed to be the center of Ankara rail system. In this way, passengers and citizens will have easy access to transportation facilities.


  1. Ankara YHT station does not seem to be suitable for our culture, past and productions. restaurant, shopping mall, hotel, etc.). The old station building should be dismantled and moved to another neighborhood (with its dismantled materials). It is also not nice to have the PARK in front of it. The first 25 minutes of parking should be free. As we heard, there is also a car park fee from railway retirees. This is a very ugly practice.

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