Akçaray Tramway Project has entered the last 100 day

The last 100 was in the day of Akçaray Tramway Project: The construction of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Akçaray Tramway Project for Izmit was officially started on 7 August 2015.
According to the contract signed between the Metropolitan Municipality and the contractor Gülermak, the construction will be finished in 550 days and the tram will start to operate.
In fact, the 550 daily time was long enough calculated for this job. Metropolitan Municipality has started the countdown on the official website for the day when the tram will run. 550 coincides with 3 February 2017. As of today, he writes back on the meter operating on the Metropolitan website (100 days). But it does not keep maturity. After the 100 days of the tram, 3 no longer accepts everyone will work in February. If the work that ends in the end of May ruins Izmit, everyone will be satisfied with this.
The contractor firm has completed 3.800 meter rail laying work in Izmit as of yesterday. You still need to lay the 34.600 meter rail. The tram, which runs on the route between Elginkan Schools at the end of Sekapark with parking, will stop at the 11 stop. After the road is completed, the length of the tram that will run in Izmit will be 33 meters and the width will be 2.65 meters. The tram cabin will be equipped with 270 passengers.

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  1. what you need now if you are going to do the metro to my brother izmit a large metropole turn maybe in the burden of Istanbul decreases.