New report on the train crash in the US announced

A new report on the train crash in the US has been announced: A new investigation report has been announced on the train crash in the US state of New Jersey on September 29, which resulted in the death of one person and the injury of 108 people.
In the report published by the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), it was stated that the brakes of the train in question were "in working order" during the accident.
The report also reported that the electrical systems that control the signaling and thrust of the train are in operation, but the cause of the accident has not been clearly revealed.
In the report of the NTSB announced last week, it was noted that the train suddenly accelerated to 38 kilometers while moving at a speed of 12,8 kilometers per hour 33,8 seconds before entering the station.
In the report in question, it was stated that Thomas Gallagher (48), who was the driver of the train, tried to apply emergency braking 1 second before the train hit the platform where the passengers were waiting at Hoboken Station.
In the report, which shared the information that Gallagher told the authorities that he did not remember the moment of the accident and that he found himself lying on the train after the accident, it was pointed out that the wagons of the train were full than normal.
Another accident occurred when a utility car crashed into a passenger train running on the side rails in the same direction last Saturday in the Long Island area of ​​New York state, USA.
After the collision, the 600 wagon train with the 12 passenger was injured and 33 was injured.
Experts, the completion of the investigation of the reasons for both train accidents will be learned by stating that the accidents may be caused by the mechanic errors.



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