Bomb attack on freight train in Erzincan

Bomb attack on freight train in Erzincan: In Erzincan, explosion occurred on rails during the passage of freight train
According to the information received, an explosion occurred on the rails during the passage of a train carrying a load between Divrigi district of Sivas and Erzincan, in the Cebesu location of Küplü village of Kemah district of Erzincan.
In the explosion of the train wagons, the rails were damaged. After the incident, security forces and TCDD officials visited the region.
TCDD Provincial Director Kenan Aydin said in a statement, passing the freight train between the provincial center and Kemah district center between the Alp and Cebesu train stations, said the explosion occurred on the train tracks.
Expressing that the incident could be a terrorist attack, Aydın said, “There was an explosion between Alp and Cebesu stations during the passage of the train. We believe that a terrorist bombing action against the cargo train was carried out. There is no casualties in the incident. ” said.
Aydin, the teams were shipped to the region and the explosion due to damage to the 2-meter section of the rails, he added.
It was stated that the investigation about the explosion that took place while passing the 23th wagon of the 19-wagon train that brought a load to Erzincan.



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